Thursday, February 4, 2010


CANCON 2010, what a show! This is Australia's premier wargaming convention with a few thousand visitors and hundreds of competition gamers converging on the one venue for three days over the Australia Day long weekend. Myself and Andrew Parr only managed to dropped in for the one day, as it takes about three hours to drive from Sydney. This makes for a long day when you have to come back that night but it was great to catch up with other gamers and retailers you have not seen for a few years. We did not spend to much money which is good for myself and Andrew I think we only sent about $100 between us......pretty poor by some standards. But anyway I did manage to take a few snaps of the great demo games which I will place up soon. The best two demos by far were the Battle of the Alamo and a 40mm AWI game. Any enjoy the images and I will get the others up soon.

Flames of War was one of the star competitions of the weekend with about 40 tables been played.
The Alamo Demo game

40mm AWI demo game

Warhammer Lord of the Rings


Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

It looks very nice!

We have something similar here called TACTICA at the end of the month were a friend and myself will be doing a 28mm BG Bunker Hill demo game.


DeanM said...

Great tables and games. Love the orange trees on the FoW table.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nathan,

It was great catching up with you at Cancon.

More photos of the 40 mm AWI game an Alamo can be found on the Lead Adventure forum.


Vinnie said...

Cheers Helen, it was great to catch up with you too. Been almost five years I think since we last caught up.