Friday, February 5, 2010

CANCON 2010 - AWI Demo Game

This game was by far the best demo game that I saw at CANON. I'm not sure if there were others on the other days but this one caught the most attention on the day. The figures I think are the 40mm Slash & Saber range. Rules played were Black Powder rules.


BigRedBat said...

A fabulous looking game!

DeanM said...

Spectacular. Beautiful terrain and painted figures. Inspirational. Dean

Donogh said...

Thanks for taking those photos and sharing them - love the Alamo too

Giles said...

Great photos of an ousttanding game. Thanks for sharing.

Best wishes


Docsmith said...

Thanks Nathan - the Sash & Sabre figures and the scenery used look really good. This one and Scott & Dave's Lasalle demo would have been great to see - I'm sorry I missed them! Thanks for posting great shots of some of the action at Cancon.


Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Oh I love this!This stuff is right up my alley!:-)


P.S.I'm sure it brought a tear of joy to Giles eyes!(LoL!)

Scott MacPhee said...

Beautiful! I should take a look at some S&S 40mm figures.

Vinnie said...

Sure was a great looking game. I would of loved to have jumped in and rolled a dice or two. But too little time and so many thingd to see.

ZeroTwentythree said...

That looks great!