Friday, February 12, 2010

Calpe Miniatures - Prussian Foot Artillery

The last images for the night are from Leroy's' latest commissioned work. The Prussian gun battery has been painted for a good friend, Jeff Smith, an other gamer from Townsville who has just started getting into Napoleonic gaming. Jeff's Prussian Army is based on 1815 period and I believe will be mostly Caple Miniatures with a few Elite Miniature Landwehr Infantry mixed in. Should be a nice Army. I have talked Leroy into taking images of all his work just so we can all enjoy his fine painting style.


Docsmith said...

Vinnie, I love Leroy's painting style - he's just got better over the years. The finish on these Prussians is superb. Thanks for posting the pics.


Vinnie said...

No Worries DOc,

Good to hear from you. Oh yer his painting has improved. I can still remember his first figures, painted with big round eyes. No days it is hard to find someone better in regards to painting wargaming figures. That is in Leroys' style.