Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A weekend at Peter Morbey's - 2006

Peter and Myself just outside the gaming room (2006)
I was going through some boxes just the other day and I found a few old disks. I was nearly going to throw them in the trash but thought I'd better have a look on them first. Found a gold mine of old photos from when I went over to the UK for a trip with the Army. One of the most notable moments of the trip was spending the weekend with Peter Morbey (of Elite Miniatures UK). It was a fine weekend of looking over the new ranges he was working on, checking out his fine collection of figures and playing a game on his table - great weekend. Anyway I thought it would be rude to share this time with myself - so I have placed up a few images from the game and Peter's collection.

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broeders said...

Great paint job. Superb stuff!