Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tribute to Kevin Jowett

MOAB 2009
Yesterday morning many of us in the Australian Wargaming community lost a great friend. Kevin Jowett (of Battleline Scenics) passed away at the still young age of 44 from a heart attack. I had only known Kev for about four years but I would like to say that I got to know him very well and considered him a great friend. He was also well respected by gamers across Australia as a very honest, sincere and all round nice guy. He leaves behind his lovely wife Kris and his two boys, Oliver and James. Mine and many others hearts go out to them.

Brother Ken, James and Kevin at MOAB 07

May Day weekend at the Lonely Gamers HQ 2008


leroy said...

I know many people feel the same Nathan, Kevin was indeed a good man and a friend and will be greatly missed. Our thoughts are with his family.

Brae said...

A beautiful tribute, and great photos.

Tank Girl said...

Thanks Nathan for posting a lovely tribute.

Didn't know Kevin at all, but zi'm sure our wargame community will find it very difficult to fill the void left by Kevin. May Kevin rest in eternal peace.


Bluewillow said...

Still in shock from the terrible news, thanks for a great tribute mate, couldn't of said better.
Kevin will be sorely missed by a lot of people in the wargaming community, his local Volunteer Fire Brigade and most of all by Kris, the kids and his Friends.


Vinnie said...

Thanks Guys for the thoughtful comments. Kev was a great fellow it will hard not forget his chearful personality and williness to help others.

Thanks again


DeanM said...

Sorry to hear of his passing. Sad to lose someone like him. Respects, Dean

John said...

Vale to a nice guy. I met him at MOAB over the last few years and he was always a pleasure to deal with when purchasing from his company. Honest and helpful. My condolences to his family.

adam said...

Great Tribute Nathan. My sentiments exactly. A top bloke taken from us way to early. He will be sorely missed.

rosyj said...

We wish to thank Kevin's many friends. As his mother, in Kevin's early years, I defeated Napoleon many times but I did use a vacuum cleaner. Kevin gave us a trouble free life never causing us any worry. I was always on the lookout for anything Napoleon. I recently found a medalion with Napoleon's head on it. I never got round to giving it to Kevin. We are comforted by the fact, he has gone to join his sister. He leaves behind a sister and brother, plus another void in all our lives that will never be filled.In the photo with his brother is Kevin's son James, not Oliver. Thank you for your kind thoughts and love to all. His Mum and Dad

Vinnie said...


Thank you for adding those kind words. Kevin was truely a great guy with a big heart and a want to help others. I caught up with James and Oliver yesterday at Kevins funeral and Oliver and I had a little laugh about how I had mixed up their names. It has been changed now. I intend to call in on Kris and the boys next month on my way down to NSW. Thank you again for the kind words.



nettig said...

I am Kevs sister in law and would like to pass my thanks to all your kind words. My sister Chris and the boys are doing as well as can be expected and I am sure they would be touched by your tribute.
Kev was a great man I saw him as a true brother not just in law, he looked after my sister and his boys well. He is terribly missed by us all.

Thank you again

muzik212 said...

I only just heard this news and I am deeply saddened by the loss of our friend. I only had the pleasure of knowing Kevin online. He had seen some posts of mine, looking for a handful of fenlon minis, and reached out to let me know my search was over.

He was a good man, exteremly friendly and a pleasure to deal with. I was amazed at how far above and beyond he went to help a stanger with such a small order. It was clear he loved this hobby and loved to help people. Our hobby and this world has suffered a great loss. May God watch over him and his family.


Errol Steinback said...

Hi all, 6 months has passed since kevy left us to go on our way. It's amazing all the posts that mention their gratitude towards kev. I was one of his good mates and had countless funny times with him and chris and the boys.It is still hard to believe i wont see him again. i do struggle to comprehend that but i do try and dream about him all the time just to see what he's got to say. He is a straight out no nonsense bloke who i just loved being around. we laughed all the time about the silliest and insignificant things. I'll always miss his big belly laugh and his squinty eyed grin and smile.I can see him doin that right now. rest in peace mate, you've left me a hell of alot of scotch to drink, but i'll do my best. cheers to you ya funny bugger. DG, he gave me the nickname dg meaning drunk guitarist,and i gave him WD, wasted drummer, we had so much fun playing drums and guitar together to our favourite bands.. i guess he's drumming up their now for his favourite bands every night of the week. rock on dude...R.I.P. Kevy J.