Monday, November 9, 2009

Fortune & Glory - Napoleonics

Last Saturday the boys and I managed to crack out a 900pt Napoleonic game of Fortune & Glory. John Williams playing the French, with his own nicely painted army -I have been trying to drag him along to a game for about six months but he has either been doing family things or away. Anyway John managed to dust his boys off and brought them over for a little game. Peter Power played the opposition with my Spanish Army and I ran the game. The rules are starting to come along nicely now (once I gave them a decent read) and I have to admit for a friendly game which can be played in an afternoon and does not require a set scenario, I prefer them to any other rule sets I have played over the years.

The armies played were basically made up of two infantry brigades and one cavalry brigade with the Spanish brigades being bigger due too the cheaper troop types. The French on the other hand were able to field two heavy cavalry regiments one of dragoons, the other cuirassier plus a lancer regiment. Both sides fielded one large foot battery of heavy guns. After the armies were sorted out the terrain was placed out onto the table. Both Peter and John taking turns placing out the six pieces of terrain for the game. Objectives were then placed and the guys deployed their troops. Peter took up a defensive posture and John deployed his troops for the attack. Each side was also required to have at least one brigade, off table, as reserve and if conducting a flank march then they too were not placed on the table, but had to be diced for on consecutive turns.

A unit of Johns French Lancers.

The average game normally lasts for six turns but you also have the option to roll for two more turns at the end of the sixth turn. This we did and so played to the eight turn. I think Andrews' thinking behind the games lasting only six turns is to get the game moving instead of being just a stand back and shoot game. The objectives are extra bonus points and the only way you can get to them is to roll up the enemy on the way. This more or less what happened in our game. John with the better troop type eventually powered over Peter in the last turn and gained a overwhelming victory for the French. But not to say it was all one sided. Peter did manage to catch a few French units with their pants down.

The Spanish Grand Battery.

Johns French Line Infantry

The 13th Cuirassier Regiment prepares to charge a Spanish square.

Spanish 2nd rate cavalry.
One of the French units catch with their pants down.
French Middle Guard crash into one of the Spanish line regiments.

A Spanish Militia Battalion goes into square, supported by the Spanish Artillery.

The French foot battery pounds the Spanish positions in the distance.

Another Spanish units is about to feel the impact of French columns.

Yet another French unit catch napping.


Consul said...

Fortune and Glory, kid.

BigLee said...

Great photo's. I've never played Napoleonics but whenever I see the massed ranks of well painted mini's like this I get the urge to change period!

Vinnie said...

Oh! Yer! it is a great little afternoon game to play with a couple of beers....BigLee you might have to change my friend and give Napoleonics a go?


Chamberí-JaiAlai said...

muy buenas figuras del ejercito español, gracias.
Great miniatures !!!