Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bovington Tank Museum - 2006

Some more images from my little trip to the UK in 2006. This day I decided to take the boys on sight seeing trip around the area we were stay and ended up stumbling into the Bovington Tank Museum. However there also so happened to be warganing convention on at the same time. I will put those images up next. But for now I have posted a few shots of some the fantastic collection at the museum - enjoy.


Consul said...

That's near where my Grandma lives! So I spent many a weekend in that place. The tank was also invented in my home town of Lincoln!

BigLee said...

I visted back in April of this year. The new display hall "The Tank Story" is excellent and worth the entrance fee on its own. I posted a load of pictures on my blog at
I am already planning a return trip for next year.

Allan and Carmen said...

Incredible Museum. I have only seen what was on display at the Achool of Armour here in Australia at beautiful Puckapunyal.

It is always much more impressive in the flesh.

Vinnie said...

You guys are very lucky. I would love to go back and have another look. I was with a few of the boys and they were not all that interested in the museum. I think we only stayed for about an hour. The School of Armour Museum is still a good one to visit, but it does not compare with Bovington.

Andrew said...

Wow, what a cool museum! The nearest museum to me is full of farm tractors—perhaps just as dangerous, but not as visually impressive.