Saturday, October 17, 2009

Vendel Miniatures - Staff Slingers

Pictured are the latest figures I have just finished painting. It has taken about a month to finish just twelve. I had forgotten how much time you do not have when you have a baby in the house. Squeezing in half and hour and you are lucky. Anyway the figures shown are Vendel Miniatures Staff Slingers. I had been looking for months trying to find the right styled staff slingers I needed. The first I found were Late Roman staff slingers from Old Glory, but they had trousers and did not really fit into the period I was working on. The second batch of slingers purchased were Essex Miniatures, which are not a bad figure but only comes in the one pose (I never painted them). Then finally after looking at the Vendel website on several occasions I decided to purchase them and a month later here they are. The Vendel figure itself is larger then most ranges i.e - 1st Corps, Crusader and A&A. However if you are not to worried about having your army uniformed they are quite good. Each pack contains eight figures with four different poses (pictured below). They do not have a lot detail so are very easy and smooth to paint. The packs I purchased, however, did not have the staff and only the sling was provided, so I had to make my own. This is not shown on the website as they are pictured with the staff, so I am not sure if they were packed correctly. However after painting and basing the figures I am very happy to add them to the collection - cheers.


BigRedBat said...

Great painting! Now I want some staff slingers.

Vinnie said...

Oh yer If you play WAB they can fire up to thirty inches, so they can be handy...

Anonymous said...

Lovely work Nathan.


Vinnie said...

Thanks Helen,

I'm trying to reach the same standards as Leroy. But still falling a fair bit behind I think?

DeanM said...

Nice painting. I like the tunic patterns a lot. Dean

Anonymous said...

Thanks Nathan, did you see my painted Hobbits/Kobolds on Michael's stand at MOAB?

I've been persuaded to start a business on painting miniatures, but only keeping to 28 mm.

I like Leroy's style and have used Leroy's work an others as examples in finding my own style.

Needless to say I'm quite busy for the next few months.

Keep up the excellent work,


Vinnie said...


Yes I did... very impressive. I did not know it was your work. I have been looking at your blog as well. You are getting some nice work up there.

All the best


Alex_Nay said...

Wow, fantastic blog, well done Vinnie, a great work!!! Im from Canary Island and we have a blog too, but this is too much!!! Wonderfull pictures!!!

Vinnie said...


You will have to send through your link so that I can have a look at your blog.



FOFEBA said...

Nice staff slinger mate