Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Elite Miniatures Brunwickers - Painted by Leroy Simpson

I have place up tonight a few images from Leroy's collection, which he has just recently sold. The figures are from the Elite Miniatures Brunswick Range for the 1815 Waterloo campaign and have been designed by Peter Morbey. They are a very nice little range and cover almost all the contingents involved in the battles of June 1815. The only figures he has not yet produced are the foot artillery. Images shown are the Horse artillery, a Line Battalion and the Hussars.

Brunswick Horse artillery and crew firing a British 6pdr (also from Elite Miniatures)

Line Battalion showing the Centre Companies, NCO and a Foot Officer.

Another view of the NCO, Foot Officer and the Mounted Officer.

Drummer and Centre Company Fusilier

Jagers from the skirmish pack

Hussars - from left to right - Trumpeter, Officer and Trooper

Hussar Trooper


FOFEBA said...

Nearly as good as the ones I painted. How's it all going.

FOFEBA said...

It's Eddie by the way. LOL.

Vinnie said...

Hey Eddie,

No way are they as good as yours.... good to hear from you. I knew it was you FOFEBA Boy. All is good getting ready for the big move back down to Singleton. Can not get away from the bloody place.


leroy said...

Cheeky bugger, I taught you everything you know!

DCAja said...

love it very much!