Thursday, October 1, 2009

Another Crack at Fortune & Glory

Well another week flies by and another game is played of Fortune & Glory. We are starting to get the hang of the rules, which seem to flow quite well. I have dragged a few intro pieces from the rules and placed them on this post so please take some time and have quick read. Send through an email if you would like to have a test of the rules and let me know what you think.

Andrew has designed these rules are designed to give a competitive battle game primarily with 28 mm figures in mind and with the following parameters and objectives:
· The basic competitive game should be playable in 2-3 hours of and evening from meeting to completion and will therefore have between 6 and 8 action filled turns with different scenarios providing tactical challenge and game variation;
· Army lists should offer tactical options but be able to be calculated in your head whilst riding on public transport or in traffic without reference to extensive army lists or a calculator (a standard games size of 500 points was chosen with the basic building blocks of 2nd Class, Regular and Elite infantry worth 40, 60 and 80 points respectively with cavalry and artillery in a simple relativity);
· The number of figures must not be intimidating for a new comer to paint or purchase and the army should allow variation by changing characteristics rather than painting new units;
· The basic game armies should fit into a reasonable size carry bag with a simple set of terrain options so that players can easily carry them to an evening game or to work first;
· game play and pre game set up should be entertaining by ensuring that each stage of set up or play has some decision making without concentrating all the tactics into a single step or game choice;
· Finite objectives and scenario play without record keeping will allow a competitive game format;
· Armies will consist of 5-10 units of standard types purchased in accordance with a national or generic army list;
· Focus is on European style warfare at a reinforced brigade or small division level with a specific task.
· Strategic surprise will be achieved by choosing armies, setting up terrain as part of the game, capturing objective markers with random values, use of flank marches and reserves and before each game selecting an Army and Senior Officer Character available to that nation and, if points have been set aside, from the support deployments available. These choices will subtly vary the way a selection of units plays without requiring the newcomer to paint new units;
· Tactical surprise will be achieved through random initiative to move first or second, alternating unit movement and the all important placement of offices before the action in each turn commences (without close proximity of an officer you cannot be sure your units will be active in a given turn).

One of the best parts mentioned was when rolling for imitative, if a draw in the roll, Andrew has come up with the idea of a Random Event. I have listed them below:

Either player rolls a d6 on a 1-3 he is the subject of the Random Event on 4-6 the other player is. The affected player then rolls a d6 to determine the random event:
1. “Fear and Awe” – Immediately test the morale of any single unit of the enemy’s choice -2 to dice roll.
2. “Dissent!” – The enemy immediately selects one of your on table officers (Brigadiers or ADC’s must be chosen before an Army Commander if possible) and rolls a dice. 1-3 no effect, 4-6 officer incapacitated for the rest of the game and removed as a casualty. The officer incapacitated may expend a fortune dice and ignore the effect of such a “mishap” if they have one.
3. “Child of Fate” – Add one Fortune point to your commanders cup.
4. “A cunning plan” – Select a unit to automatically pass an immediate rally test or automatically be in command this turn.
5. “Ammunition” – Arrives and allows one unit to re-roll its shooting misses this turn.
6. “Confusion in the ranks” – Select one enemy unit to undergo an immediate morale test -2 to die roll.

This adds to the 'FOG of WAR' and really stuff your day around or improve the day - depending on how you or your opponent roll. But anyway I will not bore you with too much detail as we are playing a few games of it at MOAB this weekend so I should have a few more write ups of the rules for you then.

A couple of more shots of those great Polish Artillery figures from Front Rank.

A six based French Ligne Regiment

Spanish Grenadiers, supported by another line battalion, charge into a Swiss Regiment.

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