Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Elite Miniatures Brunwickers - Painted by Leroy Simpson

I have place up tonight a few images from Leroy's collection, which he has just recently sold. The figures are from the Elite Miniatures Brunswick Range for the 1815 Waterloo campaign and have been designed by Peter Morbey. They are a very nice little range and cover almost all the contingents involved in the battles of June 1815. The only figures he has not yet produced are the foot artillery. Images shown are the Horse artillery, a Line Battalion and the Hussars.

Brunswick Horse artillery and crew firing a British 6pdr (also from Elite Miniatures)

Line Battalion showing the Centre Companies, NCO and a Foot Officer.

Another view of the NCO, Foot Officer and the Mounted Officer.

Drummer and Centre Company Fusilier

Jagers from the skirmish pack

Hussars - from left to right - Trumpeter, Officer and Trooper

Hussar Trooper

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Somewhere on the Frontiers of Bactria - WAB

Yesterday afternoon myself and a few of the boys - Peter Power, Peter Hall and Leroy Simpson, bashed out a short four hour game of WAB (using the Successors supplement - not yet published). The two armies we fielded were on one side a Indo-Bactrian Army (under the commanded of King Leroy and his Strategos Peter Power) and on the other the mighty Seleucid Army (under the command of King Peter II and myself as his Hyparchos). Each side fielded an army of 4500pts, which basically enabled me to bring almost all my WAB armies onto the table. The Seleucid army consisted of 5 units of Phalanx, four elephants, three light infantry units, three cavalry units and numerous skirmishers. The Indo-Bactrian Army consisted of basically 3 units of Phalanx, 3 units of Indian allied troops, four elephants, one light infantry unit, three cavalry units and numerous skirmishers. The table lay out was fairly basic, with a 6x6ft playing area and a few hills and blocks of trees to break up the deployment and movement of troops. I would love to make some modular terrain but with moving around very couple of years it makes it rather hard.

Seleucid Politikoi Cavalry. These guys did OK but in the Successor supplement they can not form wedge. Only the Hetairoi can.

My robust staff slingers. We moved these guys straight into the woods on our right flank. With a range of thirty inches they gave us a small capacity to take on the allied Indian long bowmen.

Indo-Bactian battleline from their left flank.

Three of the Seleucid phalanx -We fielded one as Argyraspides, one as a mercenary phalanx and three as Settler phalanx.

The Indo-Bactian elephant corps.

The Seleucid Elephant corps.

Seleucid Aphrakoi cavalry make a rapid re-deployment in the face of the on coming Bactrian elephants.

The Seleucid Greek mercenaries armed in Macedonian fashion.

Indo-Bactrian allied Indian Longbow take up position on high ground.

Indo-Bactian Guard Thureophoroi

Our elephant corps turns its flank towards the Indian longbow on the hill - bad move...

Repeated hits and kills on the crews cause our elephant to panic and stampeded...into each other. Note for the day - keep away from longbow.

Finally after moving slowly across the battlefield our infantry meet. Here our Argyraspides phalanx charges a Bactrian phalanx.

From another angle

Nice optional rule is that skirmishers are hard for elephants to kill, needing a roll of six to hit as the bugger can weave and dodge around the big beasts. This also makes the elephant easier to kill. Best why to keep your elephants on the board is to either provide them with some elephant escorts or keep away from skirmishers.

All the Indo-Bactrian elephants were defeated by our Hypaspists (in skirmish formation)

Only a little bit of action on the right flank of our line. The Thracians (in the far ground) were totally smashed by the Greek Hoplites fighting for the Bactrians.

The final phase saw all our infantry units fixed in hand to hand combat.
For some reason I called for a challenge on the Indo-Bactrian King. I lost and my King was struck down where he stood. The Army had to test moral........ 50% failed......the game was over and the Bactrians stayed independent.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Vendel Miniatures - Staff Slingers

Pictured are the latest figures I have just finished painting. It has taken about a month to finish just twelve. I had forgotten how much time you do not have when you have a baby in the house. Squeezing in half and hour and you are lucky. Anyway the figures shown are Vendel Miniatures Staff Slingers. I had been looking for months trying to find the right styled staff slingers I needed. The first I found were Late Roman staff slingers from Old Glory, but they had trousers and did not really fit into the period I was working on. The second batch of slingers purchased were Essex Miniatures, which are not a bad figure but only comes in the one pose (I never painted them). Then finally after looking at the Vendel website on several occasions I decided to purchase them and a month later here they are. The Vendel figure itself is larger then most ranges i.e - 1st Corps, Crusader and A&A. However if you are not to worried about having your army uniformed they are quite good. Each pack contains eight figures with four different poses (pictured below). They do not have a lot detail so are very easy and smooth to paint. The packs I purchased, however, did not have the staff and only the sling was provided, so I had to make my own. This is not shown on the website as they are pictured with the staff, so I am not sure if they were packed correctly. However after painting and basing the figures I am very happy to add them to the collection - cheers.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

MOAB - Fortune & Glory Napoleonic Demo Game

This was a great little game put on by Andrew Parr and Adam Burke. The rules played were Andrew's 'Fortune & Glory' and all the figures were his as well, which the majority are Elite Miniatures. Adam supplied the terrain boards, which he has been building himself. I think he has another twenty hidden away at home for the bigger games - very nice Yes......

MOAB - Eureka Miniatures new range

Nick Robertson of Eureka Miniatures allow me to snap a few images of his new 28mm ranges - great stuff and beautiful paint jobs.

MOAB- 15mm Napoleonic Demo Game

Every year at MOAB these guys put on a great little Napoleonic Demo game. They used to play Shako but have since charged and adjusted the rules a fair bit in order to give them a more in period flavour. There are always loads well painted figures and the game normally goes over rhe whole three day weekend.