Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fortune And Glory - 28mm Napoleonics

Last Thursday John and myself decided to have crack at 'Fortune And Glory" which has been written by Andrew Parr. This is a great set of rules designed for competitive horse and musket war games. They are still in the development stage and are still being play tested by Andrews local club and a few others around the world. We played our game on a 6 x 4 table with 750pt Armies and units of six bases. Andrew has done this for ease of removing causalities. Simply remove a base when your unit takes enough hits in one turn and fails to save them. No need for causality markers - perfect. Andrew now just has to find a publisher who is keen to take on another set of Napoleonic rules. But then again you can quite easily use these rules for most black powder periods, not just Napoleonics. If you are keen to know more or would like to have a read of the rules, just drop me an email and I will send out the most recent versions. Enjoy the images - French/Polish/Swiss Army defeats a poorly led Spanish Army.

Lance armed cavalry add a +1 against infantry.

French reinforcements move on. Each army Must keep a number of units off table at the start of the game that are considered to have straggled or been allocated as reserves. The number of units depends on army size being one unit for armies of 7 units (not counting officers or support deployments here) and two for larger armies.

13th Cuirassiers

Polish Artillery

French Ligne Battalion - painted by David Imrie- now in John's collection.

Perry Miniatures - painted by Dragon Painting Services
French columns advance towards the Spanish on the heights beyond.

2nd Class Spanish cavalry reinforce the Spanish line.

A large battery of Spanish foot guns holds the right flank.

Spanish battalions form line.

But fail to halt the French columns.

The Spanish centre goes into square as French cavalry charge across the open ground.

The 13th Cuirassiers hit a Spanish square.

Polish Lancers follow suit and charge the Irish Battalion

It too breaks...........

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Flames of War - MkIV's/Anti-Tank and Nebelwerfer Rocket Battery

Flames of War - The Panther Pride

Flames of War - Objectives Markers

Myself and Peter played a couple of small games last night to help John play test his army for the up and coming Flames of war comp at MOAB this year. I was getting the normal thrashing so I decided to take a few shots of his stunning collection. I will break them up in a couple posts for you all to drool over, as I did. The majority of figures and vehicles were painted by John Boultwood - I believe?

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Battle of Pynda 168BC - Phase Two

The final phase of our Pynda game was played yesterday, after a lapse of a month - thank god for the new extensions to the house. The game started this time with the clash of phalanx vs Legionnaire's. The actions of the skirmishers had finished with those units still surviving withdrawing through their lines and moving across to the flanks. The cavalry battles on both sides had almost closed with the Macedonian cavalry on their left flank being defeated by the elephants and numerous Roman cavalry units. Which in turn were defeated by the Thracian Light Infantry on that flank. The elephant corps was also defeated but this time by the Hypaspist also formed up as light infantry. On the right of the Macedonian line King Perseus managed to defeat the opposing Roman cavalry and go on to break through to the Roman rear. However in the center both armies gained and lost ground in numerous locations across the battlefield. The broken ground again working in favour of the small and flexible Roman units. But on the unbroken ground the phalanx pushed the Romans back. The battle went like this for at least four turns before we decided to call it a draw. The Macedonians and Perseus would live to fight another day - well at least for another month before more Romans arrived to re-enforce Paullus.

The Elephant Corps of Paullus are defeated by Perseus' Hypaspists.

The great push - Phalanx vs Legionaries

Perseus and his companions break through the Roman left flank and threaten their rear.

Old Glory Triarii realize their rear is threatened and fall back to their camp.