Monday, August 17, 2009

Phase 2 - New Zealanders Counter Attack at Maleme Crete 1941 - Flames of War

I have loaded a few images from the second round of fighting during our Battle for Maleme Airfield. The game was finished the following week with Peter controlling the New Zealand counter attack and myself trying to hold Hill 107 with the German Paras. An interesting game it turned out to be.
The New Zealand attack rolls forward under the cover off smoke screen's.
Peter was able to move forward under the cover of numerous smoke screen's to almost striking distance of my forward position. He then laid down a great weight of fire from Matilda tanks, Bren gun carriers and artillery thus pinning my left hand platoon. Who were unable to return effective fire and were soon overrun.
Waiting for them from prepared positions was two platoons paras under the command of MAJ Koch. And in support a platoon of mortars.
But still they came on and the Matilda's who lay down a devastating covering fire, pinning the Germans in their fox holds.

This attack was soon followed by a very reckless charge across open ground and with little cover fire, by a Kiwi Platoon, in hope of rushing the RAAF Huts. Unfortunately the platoon was machine gunned down and only one half section and platoon HQ's remained. However the final attack on Hill 107 was more successful. The hill was finally taken not by infantry but by the Bren gun carrier platoon, who rushed the summit and caused absolute mayhem that even MAJ Koch lost his nerves and called for his remaining units to withdraw. The hill was taken and the Germans were sent fleeing back across the river. Victory for the Kiwis.
Bu then with little concern for his men a medal hungry new Zealand platoon commander orders his men out of their defensive positions and into the open, with orders to rush the RAAF Huts.
The only cover provided for them was a small smoke screen.
But waiting for them from concealed positions - A heavy machine gun platoon. It opens up and tears the heart out of the reckless attack.
Leaving only this half section and PHQ. But within minutes of this attack the Hill was taken and the Germans were forced to withdraw.