Thursday, August 6, 2009

Meleme Airfield - H-Hour the German Airborne Invasion Begins - Turn 1

Overview of the glider landings. To the middle right is Hill 107, left of the hill are the RAAF huts and at the top left are the buildings around Malene Airfield.

Turn one started with all Allied troops pinned and unable to react to the glider landings. Which consisted of the Major Koch's 1st Btn Group. Three glider platoons flew in and landed. One one the Maleme airfield (objective 1), another near the village of Maleme and the last platoon, lead by MAJ Koch, landed at the base of Hill 107 (objective 3). No gliders were damaged or lost on the landing. John was very lucky.

Gliders land on and around the NZ troops defending Maleme village.

More gliders land close to the RAAF Huts.

Others land close to the Airfield.


Donogh said...

Fantastic looking game - looking forward to more (who has that many gliders!?)

Vinnie said...


Thanks for the comments. The game has still more to go we only just finished the first day. Next Wednesday is the NZ counter attack. I have a swag of images to place up of the German glider attack and wil place some more up tonight. John owns all the gliders.


DCAja said...

fantastic! i love this blog...