Thursday, August 6, 2009

Maleme Airfield Crete - 20th May 1941 - Flames of War

Last night the Lonely Gamers Club saw a great game put on and hosted by John Maguire. The game was based on Operation Mercury the German airborne invasion of the Island of Crete, in 1941. The scenario was taken from and based around a Rapid Fire scenario, which we grabbed from their website. Our game was played on a 8 x 4 foot table and John reduced the troop sizes from company/battalion groups to that of platoons. However the objectives, terrain and placement of troops closely followed history as best we could. The NZ troops in the game are represented as a mix of Australian and British figures -sorry only figures we had in the cupboard. The NZ troops were played by myself and Peter Power (known as the 'Colonel') and John with the better understanding of the airborne rules played the Germans.
NZ troops from C Coy 22nd NZ Inf Btn hold the Maleme Airfield.
A gun from the 27th Bty 5th NZ Field Artillery Regt have concealed their guns in the olive groves around the town of Pirgos.
Hill 107 occupied the remainder of the 22nd NZ Inf Btn with a Vickers MMG section and Royal Marines (manning a coastal bty). All platoons are dug in.
Airfield huts occupied by C Coy and supported by the 7th Aust Light AA Battery with 40mm AA guns.


Anonymous said...

Nice looking game - well done to all!


Vinnie said...

Thanks Helen

brian_smaller said...

My Dad is a 22Batn vet (still alive and kicking). Like he said - not one of their finest moments.