Friday, August 7, 2009

Maleme Airfield - The Assault - Turn 1

After the gliders had landed the German troops rushed out and stormed the New Zealand positions. They succeeded in pushing the RAAF troops out of their trenches an caused considerable losses to another platoon at the base of Hill 107. However the glider platoon attempting to assault the airfield meet with devastating fire from the Allies defending that location. Casualties caused by this withering crossfire resulted in a loss of 70% on the German platoon and they were forced to surrender. Another platoon trying to force their way into the village of Maleme suffered a similar fate. Things were not looking good for MAJ Koch and his isolated troops.

Glider troops assault the Allied positions around the Airfield

One of the Bofors is easily taken. However these brave German soldiers are soon shot down to almost a man and the remained are captured.

MAJ Koch and his troops land and quickly win a minor victory on the lower slopes of Hill 107.

However they soon come under heavy fire from a vickers gun position, which causes a number of casualties.
Taking cover from the MG fire only temporally stops the assault. MAJ Koch soon gathers the nearest platoon.

And assaults the MG position. He then withdraw his troops back to RAAF huts. With two platoons destroyed and Allied troops all around he waits for reinforcements.

German glider troops attack Maleme Village.


Donogh said...

I love the Germans hunkered down behind the barbed wire.

Vinnie said...


Yes the guy who painted and based then is a master. I think it would take me years to get to the same level.

Mad Carew said...

Superb looking game!