Thursday, August 27, 2009

Elite Miniatures British Napoleonic Artillery

One of my friends has been selling off his great little British Napoleonic collection, over the last few months. Reason - to pay off his new car faster? - what is wrong with this guy? surely the figures come first? Anyway they are going to a very good home where I am sure they will see the battlefield more then once or twice a year. But before the last of them were shipped off I rushed in and grabbed a few shots of the figures. I have broken them down into Artillery, Command, Heavy Dragoons, Light Dragoons and Hussars. All will be placed up on the blog as soon as I can squeeze in the time. However the first images are British foot artillery and Royal Horse Artillery. All figures and guns are from the Elite Miniatures collection, designed by Peter Morbey in the UK and painted by Leroy Simpson.
Royal Horse Artillery 6pdr and crew
British Howitzer and crew
British 9pdr and crew

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