Saturday, August 8, 2009

Attack on Maleme Airfield - Turn 2/3

Turn 2 and 3 saw German re-enforcements spill onto the battlefield. Two more glider platoons entered onto the table from the northern side. One platoon quickly secured Meleme village and the other went into an FUP (forming up point) in preparation for the attack on Hill 107. Then finally the support platoons arrived with mortars, HMG's and Light Anti tank guns and took up positions along the Tavronitis River bed. With all infantry platoons and the support platoons in a support by fire positions, MAJ Koch was now ready for the next phase of the assault, so he called in an artillery mission onto Hill 107. With such a high volume of fire coming down on them the New Zealanders were driven into their fox holes and pinned. This was enough to effectively reduce their rate of fire and before the smoke and dust had cleared the German Paras were amongst them. The hill was attacked from three sides and the Kiwis did not stand a chance - they died bravely. With two objectives now taken and only the airfield still in Allied hands MAJ Koch dug his troops in and waited for the eventual counter attack to come.

A call from MAJ Koch for a fire mission on Hill 107 brings the battery command and his guns into action and within minutes the hill is covered in a thick cloud of smoke and dust.

MAJ Koch then orders his troops back up the hill. There will be no stopping them this time.

A 37mm AT gun fires in support of the attack.

Eventually the hill is cleared of Allied troops and the guns taken.

It was now time build up a defencive position and prepare for a counter attack.

B Squadron 7th Royal Tank Regt, plus a full company of infantry have been tasked with the counter attack on Maleme and Hill 107. But the remained of this game will not be played until next week -sorry.


Anonymous said...

Excellent report. I love the stages set with photos along the story line an I thank you for your time to present it here.


Vinnie said...

No worries Helen, I glad you like it.

Cheers Nathan

Paul said...

Great story board and photos, I hate it when the Kiwi's lose!

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Lovely paint job on the Matilda...

Vinnie said...

Thanks for the comments guys - Paul the battle is not over yet. The Kiwi's are just about to put in a counter attack, which will be played out on Wednesday night - Look out Germans I say (but I guess the dice will have the last say?)