Friday, July 3, 2009

Crusader Miniatures Thureophoros

This is the new unit for my Successor Army - Hellenistic Mercenary Thureophoros. It is the second unit I have painted from the Crusader Miniatures Range and have enjoyed the experience. I have painted the figures to represent the mercenary infantryman from Plate 4 - The Daphnae Parade - of the Seleucid Army (Montvert Publications) However they have now left behind the Hoplon shields, from the parade, and have opted for the better protection of the thureos shield. They have also left behind their cloaks so that they can better wield their swords and throw their javelins and are now poised for action. I have painted the standard with the face of an older Antiochus IV and have not painted the cloth purple, as I should have done, mainly so that it will stand out better against the red back ground. I now have two, twenty figure, Thureophoros units based as light infantry for War Hammer Ancients. Now we just have to wait for the new rule set and the long over due Successor Army Supplement.

My two Thureophoros units.


leroy said...

Look good mate, especially the banner. I do like those bases so whens the next unit?

Vinnie said...

Cheers Leroy,

Mmmmm next unit? I still have to paint Stev's last 15mm figures. I have them out on the table now so no excuses anymore, they must get finished. Then I gues I might paint some more Spanish?

Bluewillow said...

like them mate, what brand of sheild is that?