Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Replica German SdKfz 222 - History Alive

As an aside, one of the members of the QSVC, Tony, who also goes out to play with the World War II mob, surprised us all at this year’s History Alive by turning up with a recent purchase: a replica German SdKfz 222, built from a Ferret armoured car. And his wife let him buy it, too. You lucky, lucky, b…

This little 222 is based on a Ferret chassis

a bit squeezy in the turret

driver's position is not that luxurious either

History Alive, Brisbane 2009

History Alive 2009, Fort Lytton, Brisbane - By Brian Sinclair

A fine picture of Brian. The uniform he is wearing has been modified so that he could take part in the Napoleonic battle. The weapon is also not in period with the QSVC and is instead a musket from the Napoleonic period - Brown Bess?

One of the many “living history” groups appearing at HA09 was the Queensland Scottish Volunteer Corps. The original QSVC was formed in 1885, when the threat of war between England and Russia over Afghanistan (sigh- always in the news, that place, for all the wrong reasons) prompted the formation of volunteer infantry and mounted infantry units around Queensland. The Scottish community in Queensland formed a number of infantry companies around the State, and these men wore (hot and heavy) red woollen jackets, white pith helmets, and kilts in the Gordon Tartan (in honour of General (China) Gordon, who had recently got himself killed – rather messily – in Khartoum not long beforehand).

These QSVC units never saw active service (unless you include intimidating striking shearers at Barcaldine in 1891) and were eventually absorbed into other units in the mid 1890s. Today’s QSVC portrays “A” Company (Brisbane) circa 1888. Fort Lytton, where History Alive is held, was also constructed in the 1880s, and the fort’s interior is the perfect place for the QSVC re-enactors to pitch their tents during History Alive.

The photographs shown here were taken on Sunday 26 July 2009, when the men of the 1st and 2nd squads, A Company, competed against each other for the amusement of the public (thanks for that splendid idea Captain; we were getting bored just sitting in the shade talking to the ladies!) One man from each squad had to don their belt and ammo pouch, run to retrieve a Martini Henry rifle, and then throw themselves down to fire off two blank rounds. The first man to complete the task won a point for his squad. After three pairs of contestants, 1st squad was victorious (Huzzah!) Alas, some of the men managed to catch the back of their kilts in their belts, and ran around with their proud backsides on display. Luckily, the men of the modern QSVC take the precaution of wearing underwear, as otherwise the “Shock and Awe” effect might have done for some of the more mature ladies in the crowd!

Monday, July 27, 2009

History Alive 2009 - Fort Lytton - Brisbane

I have just posted a few images of the History Alive Open Day, at Fort Lytton Brisbane. My sister and her family happened to come come across the show whilst driving on the weekend. She has just sent through the images of the Napoleonic reenactment group - I don't recall in my history lessons Australia being invaded by the French, but here they are? Might have made things interesting if they did though. Anyway from the look of the uniforms they seem spot on - some Grenadiers in the 1812-15 uniforms and also I think one of the Irish Legion boys made it over as well but in the earlier uniform. I am hoping that my sister sends through a few more images as apparently they had a little battle around the fort with a few of the local garrison troops, but we might just have to wait and see.


Update on Matts information from the guys actually there (thanks guys):
The units involved were from Brisbane and NSW and there were representatives from:3 Co, Liebbattalion, Brunswick Infantry (Brisbane)40th Foot (Brisbane)Young Guard (Brisbane)73rd (NSW)Society of Sail (Brisbane)RIFF(Brisbane)
And from the Black Duke:
The pictures you have are of the Brisbane based Black Brunswickers with the exception of Will Lincoln of the the Regiment Irlandis based in Sydney. None of us are members of the 21st eme although we know a few of them. We are currently running two projects. The First is the 1813-1815 Bardin regulation Young guard tirraileur unit. These are the guts with the blue lapels . The other unit that is still in need of proper head gear and some kit id the grenadier company of the 3rd regiment 3rd battalion.
Irish Legion?

Young conscript

Member of the Fusilier Company

The Grenadier Company
More photos can be found here at:

Monday, July 20, 2009

A&A Miniatures - Palmyran Army & 3rd Century Romans

OK I managed to squeeze in another post for the night - yippie!!!. The game which myself and John played on the weekend, was a little 2000pts game between a Palmyran Army and the Romans. It was the first time either army had seen the light of day and the wargaming table plus the first time either of us had used the armies. So a few things were forgotten which might of made the game a little more interesting. Basically the Palmyran Army list came from the old Armies of Antiquity (Cataphract Armies) and the Romans were straight from the main rule book, using the Imperial Army list, which works fine for this period. But as you can see after a few moves I found my army flanked and defeated quickly. Thus I have included mainly images from both armies now in John collection.

Included are three great shots taken by Leroy's new camera - My cataphracts getting wasted by frontal and flanks attacks.

Imperial Roman Easter Archers

Legion Lanciarii


Palmyran Archers

Palmyran Cataphracts

King Odaenathus

More Perry Miniatures Chosen Army - Heavy Infantry - Painted by Leroy Simpson

Another month has almost passed us by and I have been a little slack with my posts - Sorry. But with the start of the new financial year I think we are all a little busy. But I have to admit that after becoming a father again after a 12 year gap, you tend the remember fast how little time you actually had. After working all day and then spending time with your new little mate, your hours tend to disappear very quickly. However I am glad to let you that Leroy is not in the same boat and has been feverishly painting to his hearts content. His latest unit of Koreans has just been finished. They are again from the Perry Miniatures Chosen Army and are the Korean Heavy Infantry with spear. I hope he completes this little Army soon as I am very keen to battle them against the Samurai. We will see what happens --- Enjoy.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Crusader Miniatures Thureophoros

This is the new unit for my Successor Army - Hellenistic Mercenary Thureophoros. It is the second unit I have painted from the Crusader Miniatures Range and have enjoyed the experience. I have painted the figures to represent the mercenary infantryman from Plate 4 - The Daphnae Parade - of the Seleucid Army (Montvert Publications) However they have now left behind the Hoplon shields, from the parade, and have opted for the better protection of the thureos shield. They have also left behind their cloaks so that they can better wield their swords and throw their javelins and are now poised for action. I have painted the standard with the face of an older Antiochus IV and have not painted the cloth purple, as I should have done, mainly so that it will stand out better against the red back ground. I now have two, twenty figure, Thureophoros units based as light infantry for War Hammer Ancients. Now we just have to wait for the new rule set and the long over due Successor Army Supplement.

My two Thureophoros units.

Perry Miniatures Chosen Army Artillery - Painted by Leroy Simpson

As promised I have placed up Leroy's finished Korean Army Artillery. Both pieces are from the fantastic Perry Miniatures Chosen Army range and like all figures produced by the Perry's they are well designed and relatively easy to paint. Leroy's next unit in line for his Korean Army are the armoured infantry, which I think he will have finished in the next week or so.