Saturday, June 13, 2009

Pegaso Model's Samurai Warrior 90-028 (New Images) - By Leroy Simpson

Well after years of looking at the work of such masters as Bill Horan it was only a matter of time before I had a go at a larger scale figure. As for those who know me or check out Nathan’s Blog it must come as no surprise that the subject for this leap to 90mm would be a Samurai! I have been looking for a little while for the right figure with limited success and after reading an article in ModelArt by Paul Carpenter I finally settled on Pegaso Model’s Samurai Warrior 90-028. This proved to be an interesting choice as it is not from my period of choice the Edo period but from the earlier Heian era and with the amount of lacing on the figure I would be hard pressed to find a more time consuming project.

The figure itself is spectacular, as is the price, and the only other criticism’s I can voice is the large mould line across the Kabuto and the brittle nature of the metal which proves to be a pain later on when several of the cords of the back of the figure snapped during the final assembly. But other than these relatively minor issues the figure was well cast and with the addition of a number of pins the parts fitted together with the minimum of filler or fiddling required.

As always the figure was undercoated black and the majority of paints used being from the Vallejo and Games Workshop ranges. The base is Tasmanian Oak and was produced by a very kind gentlemen from the local woodturning club (this can be a very cheap and rewarding option as these blokes are great and usually very happy to offer their services and the base can be made to your own particular requirements!). Despite working on this figure on and off for several months the whole project came together so nicely that I cannot help thinking about doing a couple more. Considering the huge amount of effort in painting all that lace work this is a big endorsement. Hope you enjoy the images and perhaps consider doing something like this for yourself.


Anonymous said...

Great work Leroy.

I love the detail an especially the face.

Looking forward in seeing more eye candy.


Chad Sikes said...

Wow, this is simply amazing! I love the work on the chest piece and lace. This is a beautiful piece.

BigLee said...

Absolutely stunning. Do the techniques for painting smaller models scale up? Or was this project like learning to paint all over again?

Steve-the-Wargamer said...


leroy said...

Thanks everyone,

The painting techniques are very similar to those used on 25mm just with a few extra shades and a bit more care. The design for the maru do yoroi (chest armour) is loosely based on Minamoto Yoshitsune as this was one of the easiest patterns I could find! Some of the work on other sets is phenomenal and I doubt very much I could do justice.

I intent to try and get some better shots of this figure and I found another on bloody Ebay, so stay tuned.

ZeroTwentythree said...

Amazing! I especially like the floral pattern you painted. I love the colors as well.

Bluewillow said...

that is awesome Leroy, simply awesome