Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Front Rank Spanish - Painted by Leroy Simpson

OK Lonely Gamers are back into action. The latest images are of two new editions to my 1808 Spanish Napoleonic Army. Both units have been painted by Leroy Simpson (our 'Master Painter') and comprises mostly of Front Rank Miniatures. The only odd ones out are the horses for the Line Cavalry, which are from Elite Miniatures. The regiments I have had Leroy paint were two Infantry battalions of the De Irlanda Regiment and from the Spanish Line Cavalry the Del Rey Regiment No.1. I now only have one more Line Cavalry Regiment, four Infantry Battalions (either Swiss or Guard Regiments) and one more battery of guns to complete my Early War Spanish Army. I was then thinking of painting a few battalions in the later 'Top Hat' uniform, just so that I can drag the Army out for a few more years? Anyway I will see how I go.

The basing size we work on is 40x40mm - four figures to a base - 16 figure battalions.

Regiment De Irlanda

The cavalry are based on 50x50mm - two figures per base - eight figures per regiment.

Line Cavalry Del Rey Regiment No.1


Bluewillow said...

mate I hope they don't fight as well as the rst of your army! Last time we played in singo they put up a mighty fight!

Tell Leroy to keep up the good work.


Vinnie said...


The Old Spanish have fought some good battles for me as well. I tell Leroy all the time and he laps it up. I might be down your way next year - back in Singleton.

Cheers Matty


Allan and Carmen said...

Mmmmm Singo.

That takes me back. Middle of winter doing Sub 1 for Cpl.

Anyway.. Great painting by Leroy. Does he do commission wokr at all?

I never liked the look of the elite miniatures figures but those cavalry might change my thinking. Nice to see some Penninsular war figures.

Which rules set are you using? GdB?



Vinnie said...


Thanks for the comments. It is just the horses which are Elite Miniatures not the riders. Though you should not be harsh on the Elite Range they do have some great ranges. The rules we play are Shako 2. Nice and simple not to many pages to read through and only small units required. However they might not be for everyone as they do not give that realist Napoleonic flavour that some gamers are after. We just like to get a game over in a few hours or even a day, if it is a big game.

All the best


Anonymous said...

How has Leroy gone about painting the back of the grenadier mitres? I've looked at pictures of them and all i see is me making a mess. If he's got any advice i'd be very gratefull.

leroy said...

Redtroop, yep they can be hard to paint well. Bit hard to offer advise on the blog just get the right size brush, get the paint to the right consistancy and simplify the design a bit.

Aaron Lickwar said...

Mr. Simpson,

Do you have an email? i'm very very new to painting and would love ANY advice on painting. your work is just amazing, and i would love to see how you do it.

PLEASE LET ME KNOW..... (i will give money by paypal to anybody that wants to give me some videos on step by step painting)

-aaron lickwar