Monday, May 4, 2009

Ancient Chinese Vs Roman/Parthian - WAB

Over the years, like most wargamers, you always wonder about the what if''s and how you can change history on the gaming table. Well I have always wondered how those 10 000 Romans soldier, captured by the Partians in 53 BC, went against the Chinese - that is 'IF' they ever fought against each other. So anyway myself and John decided to give it a go. Each Army consisted of just over 2000pts each. John was of course the Chines and I played the combined Partian/Roman army. To make my army work I had to combine two army lists. One, the Parthians, I used the Nomadic Horse Army list and the other was from the 'Spartacus' supplement, as I wanted to make the army as close to the real period as possible. So all the infantry were Late Republican and the Parthians provided all the cavalry. In total four infantry units of 20, two mounted archer units of 12 and one Noble cavalry unit of 10. How did they go against the Chinese? Well i think they would have gone OK if my Army General had not failed his leadership test and caused most of the units around him to flee. Up until then I had John worried. But I do recommend giving it a go it certainly makes for an interesting game, however I think next time we play the armies will be double in size.

A unit Nomadic Horse archers move forward to cover the advance of the four Roman Cohorts.

Parthian noble cavalry (looking a bit like Sassanid Persians)

Chinese crossbowmen. Very deadly if you allow them to hit you. I avoided them like the plague and I think John only got one shot off before a Roman Cohort routed them from the field.

Chinese Cavalry - they fight well but the unit was too small and was soon defeated.

Nomadic Horse ans easily defeat Chinese light horse - weapon skill is higher for the Partians.

The Chariots are very hard to defeat or kill with missile fire. These guys had heavy armour, which gave them a +2 saving roll. However my boys did manage to stand up to the impact round and after. If you can afford it make you units drilled, so that if you roll well your troops will step aside and let the chariots through.


John said...

Beautiful paint work on the Parthian horseman, are they 28mm scale?

Vinnie said...

All the figures are 28mm. The Partians are Tin Soldier and A&A miniatures. The horse archers were painted by leroy Simpson but not sure who painted thenoble cavalry unit. I think John got them from a guy in the UK last year.



Argenta-2008 said...

Fanatastic recreation, I love militar what if's.