Monday, April 27, 2009

WAB - Brisbane Muster

This was a very small game put on by an old school buddy of mine - Richard Shepherd. I actually was two grades below and his brother was in my class. But we were still at the same school. Anyway Richard, going from Rockhampton was only able to bring down a small amount of figures, however he still manage to put on a great little display game. Imperial Romans and Celts was the theme for the day. Figures were a mix of Blacktree Design, 1st Corps and Wargames Foundry figures, with the majority painted by our own Leroy Simpson.

Blacktree Designs Imperial Romans

Doctor Who - Brisbane Muster

The rise of the Daleks game was put on by Gavin Shanks. The figures and terrain was fantastic and well designed. My nephew loved the game that much that he participated in it for most of the two days and even came away with a free figure from Gavin - Thanks Gavin.

The Daleks advance forward on to the human position - they were unstoppable

Gavin Shanks and my nephew Brae

Pony Wars - Brisbane Muster

This little game was put on by Mark Temple. It was played over both days of the Brisbane Muster. First day the US Cavarly had to defend their wagon train and on the second day they had to defend a small ranch and the live stock from Indian raiding/war parties. Not sure of the figures used but I think they were Dixon Miniatures.

US Cavalry supply train

Indian War Parties

Some boys found shelter in the pig pen

The Ranch

Defending the heard

The Brisbane Muster - Easter Long Weekend

Firstly I must apologise for the time between my posts. I have been away for the last few weeks with work and thus away from my home computer. This will happen again for most of the month of May as well - another work trip. Anyway back to the Brisbane Muster. Gerry Webb from Castaway Arts is the founder of the convention, which is now in its fourth year. The convention is mainly for those members of the gaming community to show of their stuff over a short two day period. Plus there were a few local retailers including myself, Gery Webb, Kevin Jowett (Battleline Scenics) to name a few. However it did seem that numbers were down from last year. I think over the first day we only managed to pull in a crowd of eighty followers and then on the Sunday less then forty. But it was held over one of the most family orientated weekends of the year - which can make it hard for most of us to sneak away. The games played were numerous - Scott Robertson put on the spectacular Sudan 1885 game, Gavin Shanks displayed a great little Doctor Who game (lost of Daleks), Mark Temple put on a fantastic Pony Wars game, Richard Shepherd a small WAB game and there was also a couple of small 15mm SYW games getting played in the background. I will post up as many images from the games as possible over the next few days.


Scotts great Sudan Game

Daleks take on the world
Pony Wars

Warhamer Ancient Battles

15mm SYW