Monday, March 30, 2009

Leroy's Latest Ashigaru Unit - Perry Miniatues


Rob said...

Beautiful as always! I love the Perry Range and your paint job work brilliantly on them.

Fluffy05 said...

Always such nice brilliantly painted models! Wish you guys lived in Toowoomba, QLD. It would be great to have more WAB Gamers :D
Happy Gaming,


Vinnie said...

Hey Rob & Fluffy05,

Thanks for the comments - Leroy Simpson is the painter of the Perry Miniatures and we a very happy to have him live here with us in Townsville. Fluffy05 sorry about not being in Toowoomba I have a Aunt and Uncle who live there nice place. Maybe you could drive to Brisbane on the 11/12 April for the Brisbane Muster. Have a look on Castaway Arts website for more details. I think there is a WAB game being played then. Myself and a few of the boys will also be there.