Sunday, March 8, 2009

Fortune & Glory - North West Frontier

Fortune and Glory is a great little set of rules that Andrew Parr has been working on for about 18 months. He has designed the game to be played on small tabletops, basically your kitchen table and can be played in an evening. Designed mainly for Napoleonics and working on a point system, which enables you to play with a Brigade or two, plus a battery of guns. The game also factors in the 'Fog Of War' through the clever use of unpredictable flank marches, different command radius, objective markers (with unknown points) etc. I really should get Andrew to jump on and give a proper write up on the rules. All I can really say is that they are very enjoyable and easy to play. If you are keen for a copy send through your email and either myself or Andrew will send you a copy. The game pictured however is for the North West Frontier, using the same game system, played by Andrew and Adam Burke last weekend.

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