Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Fall of Spartacus - WAB

The new game for this week was to play a small 2000pt game from the last last revolt in Italy - Spartacus Vs Cassius - and like real life the last battle was played out. Thus with Spartacus dying on the DVD we had playing in the background (bit weird I know) so too did he make his last charge in our game. I think he killed at least six Romans in close combat before he bled to death after to many wounds. But the armies played are very different from the normal classical ancient game. John found that most of his troops had to be conscripts , where that is not the norm in most Romans armies. And my army had to consist of half trained and half untrained slaves, plus I could only spend 20% on cavalry, which does not give you to many. gladiators are hard to field either you can play them as a body of light troops or spread them around in your units. I chose the later, just to give my untrained boys a little more punch.

Spartacus's Boys

The majority of these figures have been painted by Scott Robertson and Leroy Simpson. They consist of figures from 1st Corps, Old Glory and Navigator Miniatures.
Cassius's Boys
All the above figures are from a collection John picked up from the UK. They are a great little army and are all figures from Wargames Foundy's Cesarian Range.
Spartacus leads his army though a forrest in hope of out flanking the Roman line.
Confronted by a wall of Roman veteran troops the my unit of trained slaves does what it only know to do - charge

And die

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