Thursday, March 19, 2009

Classical Greeks meet 'The 300'

Hello all, sorry about the lateness of the write up, I have been a little slack these last few days. This 2000pt game was played last Wednesday night and as you might of guessed it was between the good old Classical Greeks, from Black Tree Design, and the new Spartan range from Crocodile Games - Wargods of Olympus. These figures are almost straight out of 'The 300' and are very very nice, though a little large compared to the more historical range of figures available. How the game went - well if you have ever played Greeks against Spartan, then might can make a well educated guess that the coalition of Greeks were soundly defeated. Anyway I have already received a few positive comments on this post and thank you all for placing them up. I hope to keep the images flowing from our games as much as possible. So till next week enjoy.
The 300

The Spartan Captain - Arimedes


The Coalition of Greeks

Blacktree Design Greeks

1st Corps Greek Cavalry - painted by Leroy Simpson

Thracian's -painted by Dragon Painting Service.

Like Lambs to the Slaughter


jmezz382 said...

Great job ..... what line of figures are those


Snickering Corpses said...

Beautifully done. I can't help being amused at how the hero figure's animal skin looks as if it's peering over his shoulder with a paw around him companionably!

Vinnie said...

Thanks for the comments Guys,

The Spartans are from Crocodile Games and a part of their Wargods of Olympus range. Beautiful figures and wel designed. The hero figure is Leonidas.


Bluewillow said...

excellent mate who painted them?

Secundus said...

Wow these look great. I bet that was a fun day.

I can almost hear the shouts and screams from that scrum of death....sorry I got a bit carried away there. Nice painting!

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

The painting standards on this blog are top notch.

conor said...

really want some of those figures
great job too