Friday, March 13, 2009

1st Crusade - WAB

We have decided to start playing our club nights on a Wednesday night. Staring at 8pm makes for a late night, but getting a good game in with good company makes it all worth while. The games we are going to play will be mainly WAB and maybe a small bit of FOW thrown in. With the WAB our games will be restricted to 2000pts, which makes for a great little fun battle played over two/three hours and can be played easily on a 6 x 4 table. So our first game of the season started with the 1st Crusade. John and myself on the Muslim side and Jeff on the Crusader side. It turned out to be a great little a game. Jeff started with a large heavy cavalry force on his right flank, heavy infantry in the centre and crossbowmen and light cavalry on his left flank. We had a very similar set up but with another unit of cavalry on our right. The rest was then history.

The Muslin Army

The Crusader Army

Images of Battle


Secundus said...

Lovely painting going on in your battles, really inspiring stuff..

Chicago Terrain Factory said...

Great looking armies.
Where are the figures from?

Vinnie said...

Thanks Guys,
Happy to know that you like the site. The figures are mix of Crusader, Perry, Old Glory Miniatures and Artizan design. The majority were either painted inter-state or overseas. The Crusader/Norman Army was painted by our own Leroy Simpson, here in Townsville.

Thanks Again


ZeroTwentythree said...

Wow, very nice looking figures!

DocBambs said...

Very impressive figures. Amazing looking.

Andrew said...

Yes, very nice painting. Are the single bases with multiple figure working well for you? It certainly looks good, and I'm attracted to the ease of movement. But I'm worried that taking away casualties will be a pain, or I'll want to use my models individually for a skirmish game.

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

One army after another and all wonderfully painted!

Willie Anderson said...

Vinnie been looking for some inspiration found it again on your fantastic site.