Tuesday, February 17, 2009

15mm WAB - Chariot Wars

Sorry guys, it has been awhile since my last post, our family computer has gone off line again, so now I am on the laptop. Still not good though, looks like the hard drive is down and we might loose all our images from the last three years - did not do the last back up on disk. I will learn the hard way. But other then that we did manage to get a game in last weekend. This time it was 15mm WAB - Chariot Wars. New Kingdom Egyptians smashed heads with the mighty Assyrian Empire and after a hard fought battle they took victory. Players for the night was myself on the Assyrian side and Jeff and Julian on the Egyptians side. I am not as familiar is 15mm as I am with 28mm so I am not sure of the make of figures used. But I think many of them are from the Essex Miniatures range. The collection, from both sides, is that of John's and I think was based for FOG or Seventh Edition?

Battle lines move forward

Scythian light cavalry allied to the Assyrians.

Assyrian Infantry

Assyrian and Elamite Chariots

Arab Camel riders fighting for the Assyrians.

Assyrian Cavalry. A good unit to have, half the unit may be armed with composite bow and can shoot over the front rank.

New Kingdom Marines

Chariot runners - excellent infantry to support your chariots with.

As my Assyrian cavalry found out.

And my chariots

Allies of the Egyptians - Sea People are very deadly in hand to hand combat. They all have a weapon skill of four.

The end of the game - both my King and Army Standard Bearer flee from the field - pursued by chariot runners.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Somewhere in Normandy - FOW 28mm

OK finally got back on to the computer. Sorry about not writing anything up for this post. Just after I posted the images our computer went down and we have now only just got it up and running again. Anyway the images before you are from the last game we played on the Australia Day weekend. With some much 28mm lying around at our homes we thought it would be a great idea to play a game of 28mm Flames of War, but this time on a bigger table - 12 x 6 foot. The bigger table work out just fine, with lots of terrain and plenty of room to maneuver. With the ranges and movement we increased by half - ie: infantry moved 9 inches and tracked vehicles moved 18 inches etc. Artillery and mortars remained off board, but I'm sure they could be placed on for certain games. Squads were either made up of two bases of three or three of three this also worked out well. Tanks and armoured vehicles had to retain a little bit of a gap of one or two inches, just to retain a little realism.

From the German side looking towards the American starting point.

And again looking from the American line of departure.

A German Platoon digs in and cover the western approach of the river.

American Airborne troops move up and secure the farm house to the south of the main objective.

A German Platoon Leader looks on as the American advance.
Our game involved myself and John playing with two American platoons, one airborne and the other mechanised. Plus one Tank platoon and a attached British Commando platoon. On the other side was Jeff and Andrew playing the Germans. They were to field three infantry platoons, one mechanised, and in support two Hetzers and three self-propelled anti tank guns. The American objectives were to capture the bridge and then push on and take the farm house just beyond the bridge. With the help of the British Commandos, who had to clear the tank obstacles, the Americans manage to take the first object with relative ease. However this caused a bit of a bottle neck for our armour as it was easier to cross over the bridge then through the creek. It was the crossing of this obstacle that triggered the German ambush and within minutes of our armoured units crossing over the bridge and through the creek, the two Hetzers opened up and destroyed two of our Shermans. But thankfully the rest of their shots failed to penetrate the Sherman armour and were thus picked off one by one. German resistance died down after that and we were able to move onto the second object and win the game.

Royal Marine Commandos move forward and destroy the tank traps on the bridge, clearing the way for the American armour.
The American Armour and Airborne troops move forward to secure the main objective.
With the Americans pushing over the bridge and across the stream, the German Company Commander gives the command to open fire and too spring the ambush. Two of my Shermans were destroyed but they failed to stop the advance.

The ambush was to late to slow down the American advance and with the help of the Royal Marine Commandos they pushed on through the river. With desperate hand to hand combat the Allies finally pushed the Germans from the field and won the day.