Thursday, January 29, 2009

Re-match Macedonian Vs Classical Indian - WAB

Our first game for the weekend was on the Friday night and was a re-match between the Macedonian and the Mauryan Indians of John's collection. In total we managed to put together two armies of 6500pts each. All my Macedonian Pike (seven unites of 32figures) were on the table plus all of Johns Indians. We also decided to swap sides this time with John, Jeff and Andrew playing the Greeks and Myself and Leroy with the Indians. Well the game had to prove that I would have to be the worst dice roller in history. No matter how I deployed the army and the how great my master plan for winning was I still managed to lose the game and this time John did not have any of his children to roll the dice for him - amazing. The figures are from mine and John's collections and are manly from the 1st Corps and Old Glory ranges for the Indians. The Macedonians are from A&A and Vendel Miniatures and finally the Scythians are from Tin Soldier. The game however was very enjoyable and thanks to Andrew we managed to clarify a few of the rules - cheers Mate - did not help me though. Anyway enjoy the images, some are not too good as the light was not the best.

The Macedonian battle line
Old Glory Indians unleash a hail of arrows to block out the sun.
Foundry Hypaspists cover the left flank of the Macedonian line.
And defeat the mercenary peltasts.
Confusion in the Indian ranks as their elephants stampede and a Macedonian elephant follows closely behind to inflict more damage.
A Vendel Successor Phalanx crashes into Old Glory Indians.

Both sides had units of these fine Scythian horse archers as mercenaries.


Bluewillow said...

awesome mate, what a cracking looking game, I am sorry I missed out!
those pikemen look tough, I actually found some the other day do you want me to send them to you they are foundry


Vinnie said...

The pike were tough Mate but the Indian longbow is pretty tough as well. Foundry pike would be great send them up Buddy - cheers


Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Very nice looking board and those elephants are very dynamic.Who makes them please?