Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Australia Day Weekend

Re-match Macedonian Vs Classical Indian - WAB

Well I hope your Australia Day was a good as ours. The Lonely Games Club managed to put on three large games over the three day weekend. The first game was a re-match for the Macedonians and Classical Indians with WAB. The second a massive game of Napoleonics - French/Polish Corps Vs Austrian/Russian Corps, using the new Shako 2 rules. And the last game was a great game of 28mm Flames of War. We also play tested four games of Andrew Parr's' Fortune and Glory rules or FAG, which I hope to have a link too in the next few months, great set of rules for Napoleonic small and large battles. However I did not take any pictures of them - sorry.
Shako 2 - Napoleonic Game.
The gaming weekend was hosted by myself and John, with only the one game at my place and the following two games held at John's - Thanks Big Fella. A good clean crowd also turn out for the weekend with players such as the great Jeff Smith, Leroy Simpson, Jules, Micheal, John Fulton (The Grandfather of gaming in Townsville), John, and Andrew Parr (flying up from Sydney). Lots of good food and beer/wine was consumed in good wargaming fashion plus many discussions on rules clarifications - where would we be without them. Anyway I hope to post as many images up as I can over the next few days which I think all will love to see.
28mm Flames of War


Bluewillow said...

neato, I think I may travel up to townsville next year, t would be cheaper on my pocket!


derek said...


"John Fulton (The Grandfather of gaming in Townsville)"

Apt title, very appropriate. This is going to warrant a good amount of ribbing next time 'Grandfather Fulton' calls.

Vinnie said...


Thanks for the comments. Matty you are missing out Big Fella. It would be great if you could make it next time.

Great to hear from you again. John played his hand in the big Napoleonic game we had on Saturday and enjoyed himself. He is hoping to get me over sometime to play 6mm/2mm. He taught myself and John Maguire to play plus a few other friends and is now the one all our wives blame for or habits - He's a good man.