Monday, January 19, 2009

Alexanders Successors Vs Mauryan Empire Indians (WAB)

This was our first game for the year - Successors Vs the Indian Mauryan Empire. John, myself, Leroy and Johns two children (Declan and Megan)played the game on Sunday afternoon. John's daughter however would have to be the best dice roller on the planet. I have never seen so many six's and fives rolled in my life. She won the game for him hands down, I had no chance against her and she is only 10 years old. Anyway this was the first game we had played with the Indians so we were a little unsure on how the battle would go. Well I can say now that and army armed with longbow is very hard to beat. I had to put heavy armour on my troops and boost the units up to 32 figures, just to help on the saving rolls and survivability. But with the longbow having such a long range and then -1 on your saving throw it makes them very hard to beat. I think I received three volleys of 120 longbow shots a turn. By the time of contact I had lost most of my Shock Cavalry, all my light Infantry and all my pike had lost eight or more figures each. Anyway we are going to have another go this Friday night, this time with 5000pts each. This game was only 3500pts. John has not got any chariots as yet to finalize his Army, but I'm sure they will be coming soon. The Successor Army is from my little collection.

My Successor Army lined out for battle and about to march into a storm of arrows.
John's Mauryan Indian Army. Figures are a mix of Old Glory, 1st Corps and Essex Miniatures.
Essex Miniatures Indian Elephant and crew

Two of the four units of 24 longbow archers which shot all day into my advancing army. John also had another two units of 32 longbow archers on the other flank.

My light infantry did OK with the large shields for a little while but were beaten latter by John's mercenary peltasts.

No losses yet but they were coming

Merc peltasts and my light infantry about to clash

Finally I got to grips with the Indians but with Megan's freakiest dice rolling and my bad saving rolls they had no change.

And then came the Elephants


Anonymous said...

When my son was 10 he could throw straight 6's every time....he's 15 now and cannot do better than a 4! Revenge may take time but it is soooo sweet! Lovely figures (as always!).

Vinnie said...


Beleive me I am waiting for that day to come or when wargaming with Daddy is not so fun anymore.


Anonymous said...

Very nice, I look forward to seeing how the bigger game goes.


John said...

Figures look great...Indians can be a very deadly opponent! Some of my worst defeats were at the hands of Classical Indian armies! Nice Pics

Vinnie said...

Thanks John,
That will build confidence for our next game tomorrow night. We are playing a 6100pt game.



ZeroTwentythree said...

Great looking figures and an impressive game. Bigger games always seem to look more like a "battle." I look forward reading about to your next game.

Bluewillow said...

sweet vinnie, the shot down the line is impressive, I was almost tempted by a greek successor army recently, but resisted......just


Vinnie said...


Just wait till some great new ranges come out from 1st Corps and Gripping Beast who are releasing a fantastic range in mid March this year.

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

I'm think I'm going to sound like a broken record on how often I'll have to keep saying how nice the figures are.

DeanM said...

Fantastic looking game - impressive amount of figures - all beautifully painted. Dean