Saturday, January 31, 2009

Day Two - A Napoleonic Battle

Day two of the Australia Day weekend saw the Lonely Gamers play a huge Napoleonic battle. The battle was not a battle from history but just a "what if" between a Polish Corps and numerous small French Division (including the Old Guard) against two Austrian Corps and a small showing of the Russian Imperial Guard. This game would also have to be my favourite game of the weekend. All the figures were either from Elite Miniatures, Foundry or Front Rank and they were painted by some of the best painters in the world. The collection is spectacular and as you have seen by my other posts it is a wargamers wet dream.

Initial Austrian deployment was for defence of a number of crossroads and small villages.

The Austrian Commanders - from left to right Feldmarschalleutant Julian, Archduke John and Feldzeugmeister Andrew.

Anyway the game was set up with three or four players per side. John Maguire, Julian and Andrew Parr played on the Austrian side. And Myself, Micheal, John Fulton and Jeff Smith fought and commanded various divisions on the Polish/French side. The orders for the Poles was to capture a number of small objectives with the main objects focus on the cross roads and fortified farm. The farm which I fought over all day ended up being another Hougomont. It was only held by one Grenz battalion and I threw my whole division of nine battalions and a battery of guns at it for no result.

The Polish 1st Division all nine battalions of Elite Miniatures. They were my boys and a hardly lot they were two. However they failed to take the fortified farm, but still managed to stay on the field to the end.

The 2nd Polish Division was made up of Front Rank Miniatures

The main focus of the start of the battle was the attack of my division against the fortified farm. We gave a +2 in defence, which did the trick. Only defended by one battalion, who manage to hold back and almost break my division. Plus I think the Generalship of Andrew help also in winning this small battle.

Two Austrian Jager Battalions advance through a wheat field and threaten my flank.

The game also saw some great cavalry charges from the both the Austrian and French reserve divisions. But I think the Austrians won on elan and valour. One of their Hussar units broke two Polish squares and still managed to recover, from been blown, to conduct a few more charges against various other Polish units. The Austian Heavy Division also managed to break a French Old Guard Battalion, smashing into them on an exposed flank. But over all I think the new Shako Rules worked well. There are a lot of new rules to look up, which have changed from the old ones and I think if it was not for Micheal (who played Shako2 in the UK over Christmas) our game results would have not been so good - Thanks Micheal.

Finally after the attacks on the farm are grinding to a halt the 2nd Polish Division moves forward.

And so too does the Austrian reserve. Four Grenadier Battalions march on to strengthen the Austrian centre.

As the Polish 2nd Div advances on the Austrian centre a Austrian Light Cavalry Div comes in on their flank. The two leading Polish battalions on this Div were destroyed in the next turn. Both were already in square.

As the Light Cav Div hits the Polish in the flank, another Heavy Cavalry Div moves forward to secure the Austrian centre.

In doing so they charge straight into a French Light Battalion and destroy it.

More reinforcements for the Austrians. The Tzar of Russia has kindly released his Guard to help - not that they needed it.

And so too does Napoleon.

But within a few minutes of them marching on the 1st Battalion of Old Guard Grenadiers is hit in the flank by cavalry and destroyed.

The final stages of the battle saw the Polish going on the defence and the Austrians switching over to the offensive. However the French and Poles did hit back again a few times with local counter attacks. French Guard Cavalry charge a Austrian Jager Battalion in square. Which broke, however they were soon defeated by the unit behind.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Units From the Polish Corps and Imperial Guard

Vistlua Legion

Polish Line Regiments

French Line and Guard Regiments

Units From The Austrian Corps

Elite Miniatures Artillery

Line Infantry Regiments

Cavalry Regiments