Saturday, December 26, 2009

West Wind - Secrets of The Third Reich 2

Wow Just lucky enough to have Leroy send through his latest painting. The figures finish off the two sides of Jeff's 'Hoards & Things' armies. One made up of the Germans and the other Russian. Old Leroy just does a fantastic job at painting and basing. He still has a few more images to send through of his Korean 'Chosen Armies' he has been painting. I have seen a unit of archers and some cavalry half finished so hopefully not to far in the New Year he will have finished them and sent the images through.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Gripping Beast - Hellenistic Thorakites

I have just managed to finish these guys before we pack up and leave Townsville for Singleton next week. The figures are from Gripping Beasts' fantastic Successor Range. The figures themselves are Hellenistic Thorakites a form of armoured light infantry who were used to help support the flanks of the phalanx, in the later Hellenistic period. They are beautifully sculptured, easy to paint and I think the nicest Thorakites of any range I have seen thus far. The only issues I had was when scraping out the hands, of one of the figures, the hand broke off. But that was just me being a little ruff. I have painted the figures to represent figure 10a (Salmas) from plate 10 of the Montvert Publications 'The Ptolemaic army' Vol 2. and they are based for Warhammer Ancients either as skirmishers (two to a base) or as a formed light infantry regiment. But this might have to be my last post for the year, unless Leroy sends a few images through. So Merry Christmas to all the guys out there who have checked out and commented on my Blog and Happy New Year. Be well, enjoy life and play it safe.
All the best

Sunday, December 6, 2009

West Wind - Secrets of the Third Reich

The Spear of Destiny & Frau Tear

This week I have placed up Leroy Simpson's' latest painting commission. The figures have been painted for Jeff Smith, which he has based for the "Hoards & Things" rules. The figures themselves are from West Winds great range miniatures from the 'Secrets of the Third Reich'. I'm going to miss Leroy's' great painting as we will be moving down to NSW next week and the old Lonely Gamers will be off the air for at least a month or more until we get set back up again. However I will try have Leroy send down images of his latest painting when ever I can. So I hope you all have a safe Christmas and Happy New Year. Hope to hear from you all in 2010.


Mech Grenadiers

Grenadier Snipers

Jager Werewolf's

German Zombies

Pinger & Controller

Monday, November 23, 2009

Vendel Miniatures - Parthian Horse Archers

I have just placed up a few images of Vendel Miniatures great new Parthian Horse Archers. The figures are supplied four figures to a pack and come in four different poses. One figure is reaching for another arrow, another notching the arrow, a third figures is drawing the bow and firing and the last figure has just released an arrow. All the casting are beautifully designed. However they are on the small side and closer to the true 25mm then the main Vendel range of 30mm figures. They would not really fit in with the old range. But with only a small number of manufactures designing Parthians these guys are definitely up there with the best of them. Plus with more figures on the way from Vendel I would have to say that I might have to hit the credit card again after Christmas. The figures have been painted by Leroy Simpson and based by me.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Bovington Gaming Convention - 2006

I have placed up some of the images I took back in 2006 of the convention at the Bovington Tank Museum. I only wish I had taken more, there were so many great games played and demonstrated that day - enjoy

Bovington Tank Museum - 2006

Some more images from my little trip to the UK in 2006. This day I decided to take the boys on sight seeing trip around the area we were stay and ended up stumbling into the Bovington Tank Museum. However there also so happened to be warganing convention on at the same time. I will put those images up next. But for now I have posted a few shots of some the fantastic collection at the museum - enjoy.