Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Saracens Vs Early Crusaders - WAB

Well another hard game was played at John's house just the other day. Leroy,John and myself played a 3000pt Crusader game, using WAB rules. The army lists were the ones provided in the normal rule book. The Army Leroy and I played was a small Arab/Saracen Army, consisting of five heavy cavalry units, two units of light cavalry, three units of infantry and two small units of skirmishers. Johns army consisted of only three units of cavalry, four infantry and one small skirmishers. Mind you though he did play a few units of the Military Orders - foot and mounted. Anyway I played the game as I normally do - Leroy and I got smashed. We found it hard to beat John's 10 year old daughter who rolled 20 hits out of a possible 21 and then rolled 14 wounds. We only managed to save seven. It was this attack which broke two of our best heavy cavalry units and took the Army Standard Bearer with them. We were devastated, but what can you do. Leroy painted all the Normans, which are from Crusader Miniatures, and the Saracens are from John's collection. His collection contains a mix of Old Glory and Perry Miniatures. Enjoy.

Crusader Infantry in mixed formation. This is a nice little rule, if charged the crossbowmen can either stand and shoot and the second rank of spear fight. Or they can move to the rear and just the spearmen fight. Makes them hard to beat.
Turkish light cavalry
These next two images shows where John's daughter did her amazing roll and destroyed two units of Arab Heavy cavalry, plus our standard bearer. We lost the game from here.
Our three units of infantry, which never even saw combat. They are mostly Old Glory figures with a mix of Perry.
A unit of Iranian heavy cavalry are destroyed by Crusader Knights.

A little out of period but they were representing our unit of Ghulam cavalry. They to went down to the dismounted Knights

Well if you can not beat them you might as well join them. - cheers Vinnie


Milton said...

Awesome looking setup, thanks for posting!

Vinnie said...

No worries Milton. I always love to post the games we play up on the blog and reading other blogs as well - gets you in the mood and always good to see what everyone else is playing.



Anonymous said...

Very impressive collection!


Really great blog