Monday, December 15, 2008

Old Glory Indians - Re-painted with the Army Painter

I have just loaded a few images of some Old Glory figures I re-painted with the 'Army Painter'. The figures are from the Classical Indian range from Old Glory Miniatures and are very nice Indians, I think one of the best on the market. However the figures were originally painted almost eight years ago with a white undercoat and then painted with some washes for the flesh, a rush paint job on the pants and a little bit of colour splashed in here and there. No great effort was put into making the figures look good. Anyway they had been sitting in a good friends' of mine, cupboard for all that time, until John laid eyes on them and brought them over to the East coast and Townsville. It was here that I first laid eyes on them and thought that with a little bit of the Army Painter (Strong), they might look OK. It is a shame I did not take any photos of the old figures, before the final coat went on. With the re-painting of the figures all that was required was a quick coat of the good gear, applied with a small paint brush, then allowed to dry, sprayed with a matt vanish and then touched up with a white on the pants and the eyes painted in. The end product speaks for itself. I ended up re-painting just under 200 figures in a week and a half a real effort for me. The Army Painter I purchased from Kevin Jowlett, from Battleline Scenics here in Australia, just give him a call and he will send of the required Army Painter that day or the next. Leroy completed the look of the Indians by doing the basing. Hopefully you will get to see the full army some time in the New Year.


Scott Robertson said...

Looks like I have converted you to the 'Army painter side', there is no going back now. They look great by the way, I think the product works the best on ancients, colonials and WWI armies. Cheers Scott
P.S have some 1st Corp Successors on the Blog

Anonymous said...

I am most impressed. I have used "Army Painter" on my WW2 Germans and was planning to use them on some 15mm Austrians nest year. These figures have convinced me they work on white.

jmezz382 said...

Impressive ...... they look great.

Vinnie said...

Thanks guys for the comments. Yes Scott you have me converted. I have been using the Army painter on a lot of stuff in the past couple of months and I have almost run out. I have found that it also works well on 20mm WW2. Saw the 1st Corps figures, Kevin sent some smples up here as well - not too bad, still prefer the Crusader figures more, but might grab some of the light infantry or cavalry when they come out.