Monday, December 22, 2008

The Last Game of the Year - Quatre-Bras

Quatre-Bras, probably one of the most played games in Napoleonic wargaming, was our last game for the year. With over a thousand figures on the board from mostly John's collection and a few battalions of Leroy's collection, it made for a very interesting game. The game however was not quite the same as it happened in history, in a way that we allowed the whole of Reilles's IICorps to deploy, plus his supporting cavalry. So it turned out to be a 'What if' battle. In the end the French had just too many regiments on the field. The end result they overpowered the Allies and pushed them out of Quatre-Bras, taking the crossroads and winning the battle. The figures displayed are a motley crew of Elite Miniatures, Perry, Old Glory, Front Rank, Foundry and 1st Corps Miniatures.

French troops have just pushed the Dutch Militia Battalions out of Gemioncourt Farm.

The final French push to take the crossroads.

British Battalions hold the right flank against the tide of French battalions.

This lone Dutch Militia battalion stopped three French battalions in their tracks, before been overwhelmed.

Dutch-Belgian Hussars and Dragoons charge in order to try and give some time to the Allied troops to deploy.

The Prince of Orange watches to deployment of his troops prior to the start of the Battle.

The Brunswick Contingent deploys to the west of the crossroads.


Sigmar said...

Stunning pics, thanks for sharing.


NDC said...

Fantastic work! How did the rules cope with this size game?


Vinnie said...

Thanks guys, rules went OK we use Shako 2. They tend play very quick and easy on the big games.

Bluewillow said...

supurb mate