Monday, December 22, 2008

Images of the Quatre-Bras Game

British battalions start to form defensive positions around Quatre-Bras.

Elite Miniatures French Line Battalion

French Carabineers 1st and 2nd Regiments. The leading regiment are Front Rank Miniatures and the unit behind are Elite Miniatures.

The battle unfolds

Old Glory Cuirassiers painted by Andrew Parr.

French Chasseurs and the Brunswick Hussar Regiment clash. All figures are Elite Miniatures painted by Leroy Simpson.

French columns advance.

French line lancers charge a Dutch Battery of guns.

French Columns attack the Grand Pierre Pont Farm.

French Line Lancers from Elite Miniatures.


Anonymous said...

WOW-Marvellous display!

Vinnie said...

Cheers Matt - more to come in the New year

Stryker said...

Really impressive looking armies and terrain - great stuff!


Frostydog said...

Excellent. Haven't played Quatre Bras for may years, enen so it never looked this good.



Vinnie said...

Thanks Again for the positive comments guys. I try to please fellow gamers with good images of our games. I'm plannign for a re-match on this game using the Shako2 Army Lists, so might have a different outcome - see how my dice roll goes.

All the best


Author said...

Thank you SO so much for making the pictures able to be enlarged... I always wanted to look at your beautiful figures up close:)

Great stuff:)

Bluewillow said...

OMG that is excellent mate, a few figures on that table!

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Wow!Yet again the scope is amazing.