Monday, December 22, 2008

Images of the Quatre-Bras Game

British battalions start to form defensive positions around Quatre-Bras.

Elite Miniatures French Line Battalion

French Carabineers 1st and 2nd Regiments. The leading regiment are Front Rank Miniatures and the unit behind are Elite Miniatures.

The battle unfolds

Old Glory Cuirassiers painted by Andrew Parr.

French Chasseurs and the Brunswick Hussar Regiment clash. All figures are Elite Miniatures painted by Leroy Simpson.

French columns advance.

French line lancers charge a Dutch Battery of guns.

French Columns attack the Grand Pierre Pont Farm.

French Line Lancers from Elite Miniatures.

More Images from the Quatre-Bras Game

1st Corps Miniatures British Line painted by Leroy Simpson.

Front Rank Miniatures British Line painted by Siam Painting Service.

Dutch-Belgium Line and Nassau Regiment form up just outside Quatre-Bras.

2nd Nassau Regiment holds t Farm of Grand Pierre Pont.

Perry Miniatures Nassau Command stand painted by Andrew Parr .

Dutch-Belgium Command stand painted by Leroy.

Dutch Militia and a Dutch artillery battery cover the road south from the farm of St Pierre.

Elite Miniatures Dutch Militia painted by Leroy.

A Perry Miniatures Nassau regiment.

The Prince of Orange and his staff.

The Last Game of the Year - Quatre-Bras

Quatre-Bras, probably one of the most played games in Napoleonic wargaming, was our last game for the year. With over a thousand figures on the board from mostly John's collection and a few battalions of Leroy's collection, it made for a very interesting game. The game however was not quite the same as it happened in history, in a way that we allowed the whole of Reilles's IICorps to deploy, plus his supporting cavalry. So it turned out to be a 'What if' battle. In the end the French had just too many regiments on the field. The end result they overpowered the Allies and pushed them out of Quatre-Bras, taking the crossroads and winning the battle. The figures displayed are a motley crew of Elite Miniatures, Perry, Old Glory, Front Rank, Foundry and 1st Corps Miniatures.

French troops have just pushed the Dutch Militia Battalions out of Gemioncourt Farm.

The final French push to take the crossroads.

British Battalions hold the right flank against the tide of French battalions.

This lone Dutch Militia battalion stopped three French battalions in their tracks, before been overwhelmed.

Dutch-Belgian Hussars and Dragoons charge in order to try and give some time to the Allied troops to deploy.

The Prince of Orange watches to deployment of his troops prior to the start of the Battle.

The Brunswick Contingent deploys to the west of the crossroads.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Old Glory Indians - Re-painted with the Army Painter

I have just loaded a few images of some Old Glory figures I re-painted with the 'Army Painter'. The figures are from the Classical Indian range from Old Glory Miniatures and are very nice Indians, I think one of the best on the market. However the figures were originally painted almost eight years ago with a white undercoat and then painted with some washes for the flesh, a rush paint job on the pants and a little bit of colour splashed in here and there. No great effort was put into making the figures look good. Anyway they had been sitting in a good friends' of mine, cupboard for all that time, until John laid eyes on them and brought them over to the East coast and Townsville. It was here that I first laid eyes on them and thought that with a little bit of the Army Painter (Strong), they might look OK. It is a shame I did not take any photos of the old figures, before the final coat went on. With the re-painting of the figures all that was required was a quick coat of the good gear, applied with a small paint brush, then allowed to dry, sprayed with a matt vanish and then touched up with a white on the pants and the eyes painted in. The end product speaks for itself. I ended up re-painting just under 200 figures in a week and a half a real effort for me. The Army Painter I purchased from Kevin Jowlett, from Battleline Scenics here in Australia, just give him a call and he will send of the required Army Painter that day or the next. Leroy completed the look of the Indians by doing the basing. Hopefully you will get to see the full army some time in the New Year.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Saracens Vs Early Crusaders - WAB

Well another hard game was played at John's house just the other day. Leroy,John and myself played a 3000pt Crusader game, using WAB rules. The army lists were the ones provided in the normal rule book. The Army Leroy and I played was a small Arab/Saracen Army, consisting of five heavy cavalry units, two units of light cavalry, three units of infantry and two small units of skirmishers. Johns army consisted of only three units of cavalry, four infantry and one small skirmishers. Mind you though he did play a few units of the Military Orders - foot and mounted. Anyway I played the game as I normally do - Leroy and I got smashed. We found it hard to beat John's 10 year old daughter who rolled 20 hits out of a possible 21 and then rolled 14 wounds. We only managed to save seven. It was this attack which broke two of our best heavy cavalry units and took the Army Standard Bearer with them. We were devastated, but what can you do. Leroy painted all the Normans, which are from Crusader Miniatures, and the Saracens are from John's collection. His collection contains a mix of Old Glory and Perry Miniatures. Enjoy.

Crusader Infantry in mixed formation. This is a nice little rule, if charged the crossbowmen can either stand and shoot and the second rank of spear fight. Or they can move to the rear and just the spearmen fight. Makes them hard to beat.
Turkish light cavalry
These next two images shows where John's daughter did her amazing roll and destroyed two units of Arab Heavy cavalry, plus our standard bearer. We lost the game from here.
Our three units of infantry, which never even saw combat. They are mostly Old Glory figures with a mix of Perry.
A unit of Iranian heavy cavalry are destroyed by Crusader Knights.

A little out of period but they were representing our unit of Ghulam cavalry. They to went down to the dismounted Knights

Well if you can not beat them you might as well join them. - cheers Vinnie