Saturday, November 29, 2008

Prelude to the Battle of Pydna -168 BC

Our last little battle was played on Thursday night and involved a battle between Republican Roman and Macedonians. We based the battle loosely around the a small battle the Romans had against a small Macedonian force. In 168BC Lucius Aemilius Paullus had just arrived in Greece, in order to bring the Third Macedonian war to a close. The Macedonians under their King Perseus, the son of Phillip V, had been fighting well against the Romans, defeating them a number of times over the last few years. However now he and his army was on the back foot, fighting in their own country. But Perseus had stopped the Romans in their tracks by fortifying the far bank of the Elpeus River with forts and catapults. Paullus was not to be stopped he sent a small flank force, under the command of Scipio Nasica, around Mount Olympus. This flank attack was discover hoowever and Perseus sent a flying column to intercept them. This is where own little battle finds itself. Myself and John built up 2000pt Armies, John playing the Republican Romans and I the Macedonians. History in our game was to repeat its' self I rolled possibly the worst dice in the world and John could not be stopped, my Army was defeated. Anyway Leroy took the images you see now, he also rolled a few good dice for John. Our next great battle (in the next few weeks) will be the Battle of Pydna, so hopefully I will not roll so shamefully.

Numibian Elephants accompanied the Romans in the Third Macedonian War.

My Macedonian pike advance forward in support of a unit of slingers.

Macedonian pike attempt to hold back the Roman maniples, but will soon waver as that massive Numidian elephant comes in in their flank.

This was my only victory - Hypaspists defeat the Numidian light cavalry and Velites, but only just.

Thracian light infantry move up on my flank. The Roman commander Scipio Nasica was reported to have killed one of these guys in single combat, on the day.

Roman cavalry declare an unbridled charge.

And defeat and rout my light cavalry.

And the best unit on the table - My Companions - were soundly defeated.


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Thank you for the positive feedback.