Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Crusader Miniatures - Thureophoros

In the process of still building my Successor Armies up I realized that I had no Hellenistic Light Infantry and thus soon went looking through the Internet to see what I could find. After a short search I found these great figures from the 'Rank and File' listing of the Crusader Miniatures website. As you can see the figures a very well crafted and I have found them very easy to paint. They have four different figures for the ordinary Thureophoros and three figures in the command pack. However the only bummer was that they did not come with any spears so either you have to order some in or make your own. The figures, I have painted, are meant to represent Seleucid infantry from the colour plate No. 7, in the Montvert Publication 'The Seleucid Army' and are meant to be Idumaean Auxiliary, but without the cloak and the white boots. You can also use the figures to represent Late Ptolemaic 'Romanised' Infantry. The are defiantly a must to add to your collections, only of course if you do not already have some Thureophoros. Again I have based them on a Light Infantry base from 'Battleline Scenics' so that they can either fight as a formed body or in skirmish formation.


Sire Godefroy said...

Great work on the Thureophoroi. I purchased them myself for my army of Pyrrhos. Nicely sculpted and cast, indeed.
They fit in very well with your splendid army. A shame I haven't discovered your blog before.
Keep it up!


Vinnie said...

Thanks Sire Godefroy,

I have just finished painting my second unit of these guys - I love them. But will do I think.

All the Best