Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ambush in Maracanda - Warhammer Ancients

Tin Soldier Scythian Light Horse

Sometime during Alexanders' early campaigns in Bactria the Macedonians faced one of their first major defeats in a long time. A force of 2360 infantry and cavalry were sent into Maracanda and walked into a well planned and executed ambush. The Bactrian warlord Spitamenes with his own following of men and the help of six hundred Scythians lured the Macedonians out into the desert, where they fell easy prey to the fast riding, bow shooting Scythians. The Greeks were killed almost to the man and Alexander tried to hide the truth from his men, in order to keep morale up on the campaign, which was not always going to plan. This was the scenario myself, John Williams and Jeff Smith played last weekend. John and myself played the Scythians and Jeff the Macedonians. Both forces were evenly matched in points - each with 2730pts. We use the 'Last Stand' scenario from WAB rule book, which worked well, only difference was the points, as stated above. Jeff fielded three pike blocks, three units of cavalry and five units of skirmishers. The Scythians two noble and six light cavalry units and two skirmisher units. The goal of the Macedonans was to get back across the small river with as many of your forces intact and withdraw into a wood to hide the infantry. I got the idea of the scenario from the 'Alexander The Great' booklet from WAB, written by Jeff Jonas. All the figures used were from my collection. Macedonians painted by myself and the Scythians by Leroy Simpson.

Surrounded by Scythians the Macedonian Generals form their troops in square and prepare to move back to the river.

Another unit of Scythian Light Horse block the ford and the only way across the river.

1st Corps Persian Cavalry - fighting for Alexanders Generals

The Allied Persian cavalry catch some Scythian Light Horse.

The Macedonian General Caranus and his small unit of Companions charge and finally break through the encircling Scyhtians.


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