Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Spartan Army Breaks - Warhammer Ancients

On Saturday afternoon Leroy, Myself and Jeff put together a little Warhammer Ancients game. Leroy fielding a 4441pts Spartan Army, consisting of only four Spartan Hoplite units (each of 32 figures) with heavy armour, one Thracian light infantry unit (20 figures), two heavy cavalry units (one of eight and one of ten figures) and six skirmisher/peltast units. While Myself and Jeff fielded the Allied Greek Army consisting of seven Hoplite units (32 figures each), the Theban Sacred Band (24 figures), two heavy cavalry units (one of eight and one of twelve) plus seven skirmisher/peltasts units. A total of 4433pts. Just to give you and idea on how expensive the Spartans are - a unit of 32 Spartans in heavy armour cost 810pts, where as a normal Hoplite unit in heavy armour will only cost 426pts. Thus if playing a solely Spartan army be prepared to be out numbered 2 to 1 or cut back on your Spartans and add some normal Hoplite units to expand your line. Still they are very tough to beat with normal troops needing a role of five on the dice to wound and then when the Spartans are in heavy armour, they get a saving throw of 3+. In the end however Jeff and myself managed to get onto the Spartan flank and started to roll their line up from the left. Getting hit on the flank and being out numbered 2 to 1 finally broke the Spartan line and after their General ran Leroy gave battlefield to Jeff and Myself. Good tough game, however if we had not given the majority of our units heavy armour I think the game may of gone the other way.

The Greek Allied Army takes the offensive and brings the battle to the Spartans

Allied Greek Army

Spartan Army

Allied Hoplites hesitate before charging

But then charge home, allowing them to strike first and hopefully kill some Spartans before they in turn get cut down.

The push and shove begins

But soon the Spartan cavalry is defeated and the Allies start to roll up the Spartan line from the flank.
The majority of the figures were painted by Leroy (98%) and a few light infantry/skirmishers were painted by me. Almost all the figures are 1st Corps with a few Blacktree Design and Old Glory figures thrown in. The armies are from mine and Leroy's' collections.


Bluewillow said...

awesome mate!

spartans are damn tough, my republicans have been taught many a lesson from them, however my babylonians tend to do more damage!

Excellent brushwork from leroy there!


Vinnie said...

Your right Matty, unless you have plenty of Cavalry or light infantry to annoy you don't stand a change.

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