Sunday, October 19, 2008

My Scythian Army

Posted before your eyes is my Scythian Army, finally finished and painted by my good friend Leroy Simpson. It has taken him about 18 months, on and off, to have them completed and he has done a great job. My basing however does not do them justice. The whole army is from the Tin Soldier Range, which I have collected over the last couple of years from Essex Miniatures. They are a great little range of figures and I think one of Tin Soldiers best. The Army comprises of six units (of ten) mounted archers, two units (of twelve) mounted nobles and two small units of skirmishers (one archers and the other javlinmen). Total points - for Warhammer Ancients - 2729pts. The main reason I have collected this army is that I have always wanted to play the two small battles Alexander and his Generals had against them in his campaigns in Bactria and Sogdia. The first one is the battle Alexander had with the Scythians while crossing the Jaxartes River and the second is to re-fight the ambush his Generals had in Maracanda, where 2360 Macedonians almost perished to a man. Anyway I will keep you posted when those battles come up.

Right wing - Mounted Archers

Left wing - Mounted Archers

Nobles in the centre

Light infantry in front

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Ross Mac said...

Great looking army! (and versitile, given that various tribes/nations clashed with a lot of people over the centuries. I've been enjoying reading through some of your older posts. thanks,