Monday, October 27, 2008

Elite Miniatures - Cuirassier General and Napoleon

I have just posted the two new figures available from Elite Miniatures Australia. The first is FC45 the Cuirassier General. This figure comes with a heavy horse of your choice, either rearing, standing or galloping. The second image is that of the personality set or PC1 Napoleon and ADC. Both figures are dismounted and standing with their horses. The figures are all very well sculpted in the classic Peter Morbey style and would be great figures to enhance your collections. All figures were painted and based by Andrew Parr.


John said...

just wanted to ask, what Napoleonic rules do you use?

Vinnie said...

We have just started to use Shako 2, after eight years of playing Shako. Good set of rules - nice and easy to learn.