Thursday, October 9, 2008

Beyond the Golden Gate - 2

Just the other week John, Myself and Brett, had another go at WAB 'Beyond the Golden Gate'. Again John and Brett used the early Sassanid Persian Army list and I fielded a Heraclian Dynasty Army. Infantry for this army tends to be a little better in leadership then a Justinian Army. In points size, our armies were around 2700pts. I have to admit however that the Sassanid Army would have to be the better of the two. After three games against them (two this night) I have yet to claim victory. I think the secret is to field and almost all cavalry army with lots of Hun allies (with bow) and heavy cavalry. However when fighting against elephants and Shock Cavalry who get a free shot, with their bows, before contact it will still be a very difficult army to beat. I am very keen to know if anybody out has claimed victory -if there is please send through your army list so that I can have another go at these guys. Any enjoy the pictures and I will try to work out how to enable the images to be enlarged.

Crusader Miniatures today playing Lakhmid Arab Cavalry (from John's collection)

Old Glory Miniatures as Heraclian Regulars (painted by Andrew Parr, shields and flesh repainted by me and are now in Matthew Williamson of Goulburn possession)

Heraclian Bucellarii led by the Army General

Sassanid Clibanarii smash into the feeble Roman Infantry.


Chris said...

Very nice photos!

I'm glad to see my favourite army winning some more battles!

The Sassanids are overpowered in WAB. Heavily armed cavalry with kontos and bow, lead by tooled up heroes and supported by elephants are very hard to stop. Every game I've had has resulted in the Sassanids rolling unstoppably straight over the table like a steam roller.

Vinnie said...

I would have to gree with you on that one. I have had three games against them and each time I have been beaten with hardly a lose in life to the Sassanids. I'm planning to build a Parthian Army soon so might have a little more luck.