Monday, October 27, 2008

Elite Miniatures - Cuirassier General and Napoleon

I have just posted the two new figures available from Elite Miniatures Australia. The first is FC45 the Cuirassier General. This figure comes with a heavy horse of your choice, either rearing, standing or galloping. The second image is that of the personality set or PC1 Napoleon and ADC. Both figures are dismounted and standing with their horses. The figures are all very well sculpted in the classic Peter Morbey style and would be great figures to enhance your collections. All figures were painted and based by Andrew Parr.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Flames of War - 28mm

Like most serious wargamers we have mountains of figures from all ages, ancient to modern. However there are never enough days or hours to play with them. Anyway John has a great collection of 28mm WWII figures and we though it might be worth a go to use them for Flames of War. John worked out or the Army lists and I just played and gazed at his figures. But we did ran into a few problems. Firstly the table was a little small, ours was 6 x 4 an 8 x 6 might have been better for the game size. Secondly how do we work out the tanks. Having tank platoons is a little to much and can easily choke up the table (which we did), so next time we have thought it might be easier to pay for single vehicle at the same cost of a normal platoon. Thirdly artillery can be used but will have to have the off board option or it is just open sights. Infantry can be keep the same, squads however were divided up in to three bases of three (nine man squad/section) and this would also depend on the army been used. Ranges were keep the same in order to allow free movement of troops and not slow down the game. The game worked well for 28mm in the long run and we are very keen to give it another go in the future. I have included a few images of John's great collection. You might even recognised the painters.

All the best


Fallschirmjager Pak40.

SS Panzergrenadier Platoon advances.

Ok some of the bases had four figures.

1/3 of a US Para squad.

''where are the Panzerschrecks?"

US Paras move forward cautiously
US Mech infantry

US Infantry and much of the terrain was painted and scratch built by our own Leroy Simpson.

Fallschirmjager Platoon.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Spartan Army Breaks - Warhammer Ancients

On Saturday afternoon Leroy, Myself and Jeff put together a little Warhammer Ancients game. Leroy fielding a 4441pts Spartan Army, consisting of only four Spartan Hoplite units (each of 32 figures) with heavy armour, one Thracian light infantry unit (20 figures), two heavy cavalry units (one of eight and one of ten figures) and six skirmisher/peltast units. While Myself and Jeff fielded the Allied Greek Army consisting of seven Hoplite units (32 figures each), the Theban Sacred Band (24 figures), two heavy cavalry units (one of eight and one of twelve) plus seven skirmisher/peltasts units. A total of 4433pts. Just to give you and idea on how expensive the Spartans are - a unit of 32 Spartans in heavy armour cost 810pts, where as a normal Hoplite unit in heavy armour will only cost 426pts. Thus if playing a solely Spartan army be prepared to be out numbered 2 to 1 or cut back on your Spartans and add some normal Hoplite units to expand your line. Still they are very tough to beat with normal troops needing a role of five on the dice to wound and then when the Spartans are in heavy armour, they get a saving throw of 3+. In the end however Jeff and myself managed to get onto the Spartan flank and started to roll their line up from the left. Getting hit on the flank and being out numbered 2 to 1 finally broke the Spartan line and after their General ran Leroy gave battlefield to Jeff and Myself. Good tough game, however if we had not given the majority of our units heavy armour I think the game may of gone the other way.

The Greek Allied Army takes the offensive and brings the battle to the Spartans

Allied Greek Army

Spartan Army

Allied Hoplites hesitate before charging

But then charge home, allowing them to strike first and hopefully kill some Spartans before they in turn get cut down.

The push and shove begins

But soon the Spartan cavalry is defeated and the Allies start to roll up the Spartan line from the flank.
The majority of the figures were painted by Leroy (98%) and a few light infantry/skirmishers were painted by me. Almost all the figures are 1st Corps with a few Blacktree Design and Old Glory figures thrown in. The armies are from mine and Leroy's' collections.

My Scythian Army

Posted before your eyes is my Scythian Army, finally finished and painted by my good friend Leroy Simpson. It has taken him about 18 months, on and off, to have them completed and he has done a great job. My basing however does not do them justice. The whole army is from the Tin Soldier Range, which I have collected over the last couple of years from Essex Miniatures. They are a great little range of figures and I think one of Tin Soldiers best. The Army comprises of six units (of ten) mounted archers, two units (of twelve) mounted nobles and two small units of skirmishers (one archers and the other javlinmen). Total points - for Warhammer Ancients - 2729pts. The main reason I have collected this army is that I have always wanted to play the two small battles Alexander and his Generals had against them in his campaigns in Bactria and Sogdia. The first one is the battle Alexander had with the Scythians while crossing the Jaxartes River and the second is to re-fight the ambush his Generals had in Maracanda, where 2360 Macedonians almost perished to a man. Anyway I will keep you posted when those battles come up.

Right wing - Mounted Archers

Left wing - Mounted Archers

Nobles in the centre

Light infantry in front

Friday, October 10, 2008

The Battle of Fort Ticonderoga - MOAB 2008

These are a few images from the great little demo game Matt Williamson put on for MOAB. The battle played was the Battle for Fort Ticonderoga. Which was fought on the 8 July 1758 between the English, under the command of General Abercrombie, and French, under the command of General Montcalm. The French, who only had an army of 3000 defeated 12000 British troops and causing some 1600 killed and wounded. The result of the battle caused General Abercombie to be removed and replaced by General Amherst. This demo game was played on the Sunday, with two games having been played during the day. However the battle did not follow history as on both occasions the British broke the French lines with out to much difficulty. Figures were painted by Matt, Scott Robertson and Leroy Simpson and are from the 1st Corps, Foundry, Eureka and Front Rank Miniature ranges.

French troops in prepared positions await the English attack

The English advance.

The battle begins in ernest

Warhammer Fantasy - MOAB 2008

Images from the Warhammer Fantasy Competition (72 players).

MOAB - 15mm Shako Demo Game

I have attached a few images of the 15mm Napoleonic demo game, played at MOAB.


MOAB - 2008

MOAB - Mother of All Battles - was held over the October long weekend at Sylvania Heights Community and Youth Club located in the southern suburbs of Sydney. It would have to be the second biggest convention in Australia, just behind that of CANCON. This year I would say at least two thousand people came through the doors, which is big for wargaming in Australia. The convention is put on by the boys from the Southern Battle Gamers, Sydney, and they always put on a great show. Most of the Australian Retailers where there - Eureka Miniatures, Essex Miniatures Australia, Olympian Games, Battleline Scenics, Military Simulations, BattleScape Military Books & Miniatures, Micks Metal Models, Shadowforge , Battlecraft Games, B24Flak , Good Games and Elite Miniatures Australia. Many of the above however due to the distance they have to travel only stayed for the first two days.

The Trader Stands at MOAB - more to the left, not shown

Bunker from the D--Day 20mm Demo game. I had more photos but have lost them - sorry

20mm WW2 Demo game

This year also bought in a great number of competition gamers - Flames of War had 32 players, Warhammer Fantasy pulled in as many as 72 gamers, Warhammer 40K at least 40 players, Fields of Glory only 16 or so players in the 28mm category but also a small 15mm competition was played on the Sunday with 8 players. Other competitions were Blood Bowl, Lord of the Rings, Hordes of the Things and Battle Tech.

Warhammer Fantasy

Brett, the now Australian Champ of Flames of War

Then of course there were a few Demo games been played. The boys with 15mm Shako put on a great little demo game over the three days, Matt Williamson played a small demo game on the Battle of Fort Ticonderoga (French Indian Wars 1758), and I would have to say that the best demo game was the World War to D-Day demo game, in 20mm. It had the lot, great figures, great terrain and look spectacular. In all the Southern Battle Gamers put on, as they do each year, a great show.

15mm Shako demo game

Battle of Fort Ticonderoga demo game