Thursday, September 25, 2008

WAB - Pyrrhus' Army clash with the Rebulican Romans

This period has always been a favourite of mine for some time. There are lots of different and interesting characters and many great and colourful armies to choose from. All of course with their own pros and cons. However one I always like to use is the Epirote Army which can be fielded with Pyrrhus as general, Elephants, Macedonian phalanx, Guards, great cavalry and some of the best light infantry of the time. Plus when using this army, from Jeff Jonas's Successor Lists, they can steal a night march on the enemy and thus bring up to two units on to the enemy flank - nice.
The Epirote Successor Army deploys for battle.
Our little game was played last Friday evening, after the FOW game, and went into the late evening/early morning - lots of talking, not much gaming for some of the time. However we did manage to complete the game, but with the Romans holding the field at the end of the night. All it came down to was that final damn dice roll and I had a 50% change of holding the field, but thanks to my excellent dice rolling - I lost.
Republican Romans adjust their battle line.
The Pyrrhic Army did however play well. The pike held well against the Romans as did the cavalry. Elephants let me down a little, but I think that comes down to placement. I should of used them more on the flanks in order to stop his cavalry. Instead I placed them just behind the lines and intended to use them as a last ditch attempt on the Roman lines if my troops began to waver. Anyway there will be a next time. All the Republicans are from John's collection, which in turn were once owned by Andrew Parr and were all painted by Leroy Simpson. The other army was from part of my own collection.
The battle begins in earnest.

Two smaller Roman units take on one Phalanx at a time slowly pushing them back.

Times is running out for the Epirote Army so the Elephants are committed to battle.

Chaeonian Guards help protect the crumbing Epirote flank.


Adam said...

Hi Vinnie,

Great looking battle! I'm putting together a Roman Republican (Eastern) army myself.

How many points per side?

Vinnie said...

Thanks for the comment. Pike against Romans can be loads of fun. Points used were roughly 2500pts per side - just so that I could fit in the elephants.

Thanks again


Desmondo the Magnificent said...

What sort of shields have the Pyrric phalanxs got ?