Saturday, September 6, 2008

Foundry Hypaspists - painted by Dragon Painting Studio

This little group of Hypaspists now almost finishes my Alexander/Successor Army, only one more unit of Companion cavalry and another unit of Pantodapoi. I ordered the figures, painted through Carlo in Perth, who in turn imports and distributes the figures Australia wide for Dragon Painting Studios in Hong Kong. All I was required to give Carlo was the figure codes and a ruff idea on how I would like the figures painted then two months later they arrived in the mail. I was happy with the painting, however I could not help myself and had to touched them up here and there, adding a little more colour and character to the figures. In the end I was very happy with the result. The base was purchased from Kevin Jowlett (Battleline Scenics) who imports all kinds of great stuff in to Australia for us wargamers, it is designed for the light infantry of WAB and holds twenty figures, two to a base. The bases can be removed when you put your troops in to skirmish formation or you can leave them in the movement tray and have them fight as a formed body.



Bluewillow said...

nice idea them bases, will have to try it myself.


Vinnie said...

yes, I think there are a great idea. I can bring one down to MOAB if you like?